Four months


Eleanor at 4 months…

…has the biggest smile in the world. Did I say that at 3 months? Well it’s bigger now. She loves life.

…gets excited when Margaret gets in the van after school. Girl loves her big sister.

…has discovered the cat, but still isn’t quite sure what it is. Stares confusedly.



…rolls front to back and back to front. Is a goofball.

…is teething. Or something. Whatever it is, she has taken to biting me while nursing. So that’s fun.

Speaking of nursing, when Margaret was a baby she pinched my clavicle while she nursed. Paul pulled my hair. Eleanor punches me. Full on: she cocks her little fist all the way back, then *bam* lets me have it.



…treats the Tula like it has magical sleep powder. It’s a lifesaver if we’re out and about at naptime or if she’s fussy at bedtime.

…prefers ring slings, though, so she can look around. (We borrowed one for now.)

…still sleeps 12ish hours a night. (CROSSING ALL THE FINGERS)

First Day of School 2014

Today my first baby went to kindergarten. She’s by far the most social and outgoing member of our family – a true extrovert who gains energy from being around others, stuck in a family of introverts. (Although it looks like her baby sister may be following her lead.) She loves to learn new things, too, and she’s been ready for school for a long time.

This morning she woke up an hour early and couldn’t wait to go see her classroom. I took first-day-of-school pictures at home, then packed the camera to bring to school and she was not pleased. “I don’t want to take PICTURES, mom, I want to LEARN.” I assured her other parents would probably bring cameras, too, but she still didn’t approve. Photo ops were not in her plans for school. (She felt better in the moment when she could see I wasn’t holding her back from other activities.)


It felt weird to leave her in this busy, bustling room, sitting all by herself, but she didn’t seem apprehensive. I went into detail about the pickup process and she got a little impatient. “OK! See you later! Bye!”

From the first time I handed her to a nursery attendant at a few months old, she’s been excited to go off and explore the world. She loves her family and home, of course, but she’s an adventurer. She’s so excited for this new adventure, I can’t even be sad for myself. (Although I’ll admit I’m crying a little writing this.)


Fall 2014: Kindergarten, Preschool, Mama’s girl.