40 weeks: Happy Easter!

When I found out my due date was Easter Sunday I expected to have an adorable little newborn for the holiday. Maybe a one-week-old? Two weeker? I was going to put her in the dress Margaret wore to her church dedication at three weeks old (size newborn) and line the kids up for a picture of our three (!) children all dressed up.

Little girl apparently heard this plan and thought no thanks. I don’t know why she didn’t want to join these absolutely adorable children, but I guess she can hear how crazy they are and is a little intimidated.


I continue to feel great, if a little mystified to be still pregnant. I’m not even that uncomfortable, thankfully. The warmer weather is making me start to swell up, so I think most of the credit for the fact I’m still looking normal and wearing my wedding rings goes to the abnormally cold spring. Both my rings and my shoes are getting uncomfortably tight in the heat. (Heat being defined as 70 degrees. Margaret is toting ice water everywhere she goes and is apparently about to spontaneously combust.)

All in all, although I’m tired of being in a holding pattern, I’m not desperate to get out of this as fast as possible. Not that I’d be disappointed to go into labor tonight. So…we wait.


Subtitles: Someone really needs to clean this mirror and also the light was terrible this morning.

Uncharted territory (39 week update)


39 weeks, 2 days and still writing pregnancy updates! Who would have guessed? I’m officially more pregnant than I’ve ever been before. I’ve long since given up expecting the baby to be born any minute and have gone back to planning lots of activities, because anything is better than sitting at home waiting.

For a while I was getting tired of being pregnant, but I’ve come back around and find the novelty of this being my longest pregnancy kind of fun. If I’m never going to do this again, I might as well do it up right, yes? If I ever turn into one of those women who feel the need to warn every pregnant woman they see that the third one was the pregnancy that just wouldn’t end, though, I’m going to need someone to slap me. Those women have been annoying the crap out of me for MONTHS now.

I think most of my good mood at this point stems from the fact I feel 100% back to normal after the whole stomach virus and/or flu fiasco. (I don’t know if it was the flu or not. It’s possible the nausea wasn’t caused by the illness, just a side effect of pregnancy/not being able to eat, which would mean the flu is likely.) In any event, I feel pretty good for being 9 months pregnant. Compared to two weeks ago, I could stay like this forever.

(I do think it would be kind of cute if she was born yet today – a tax day baby for the accountant! – but eh. No use getting my hopes up. Tomorrow is OK, too. And the next day. Or even getting to see what it’s like to be 40 weeks pregnant.)