Noticed in the laundry room

Now penetrates faster!


Who at the stain-remover company approved this message?  More interestingly, why?

1.  He (or she) did not notice the “that’s what she said” potential.

2.  He noticed, but figured most people wouldn’t and/or figured it wouldn’t be a big deal if they did.

3.  He noticed and tried to change the phrasing, but couldn’t come up with any other way to get the message across.

4.  Of course he noticed, he specifically worded it that way FOR the “that’s what she said” potential, hoping people would think its funny and buy it or at least discuss the brand with their friends (or on their blog).


  1. I think this is how ad people amuse themselves.

  2. Heehee! I love a good that’s what she said spotted in the wild.