Quick question

Is your definition of a “cute child” really just a picture of your child (or, if you don’t have children, what you looked like as a child)? Or do you think there are generally accepted standards for measuring the cuteness of a child?

get link I saw a picture of someone’s kid on their blog yesterday. It’s not a blog I’ve read before and I was clicking through from somewhere else. (It’s not your blog. I promise.) My first thought was “Wow, that child isn’t very attractive, is she?” Then I wondered how many people think that about MY kids. Not all children are as cute as baby Penny, you know?


  1. http://joefloodins.com/online-homework-rsm/ This just cracked me up. I definitely look at some blogs and think, that baby is just not cute. I hope my baby doesn’t turn out to be not cute. What if my baby isn’t cute!? But I can only assume we think our own children are adorable no matter what…right?

  2. I think most babies are cute. Of course I’m biased about my own, but I definitely have some friends on facebook who post pictures of their kids with captions like, “Aren’t I cute?” and I just want to be like– no, not really.

  3. There are definitely some Not Cute babies out there. But most babies are pretty cute (otherwise we would not have made it as a species). Elizabeth used to have a friend who I would look at and think “whoa, not cute.”

  4. Some babies are just not that cute. I’ve learned that the proper southern response is “bless their little heart”. That way you’re not lying. (PS Your kids are cute. I even thought your little girl was cute before I knew she was yours!)

  5. Dissertation Network Security I was just point out Facebook pictures of a non-cute baby to my husband last night. However, my husband said that it was a cute baby and that I am biased because I don’t like the baby’s parents. But my husband thinks all babies are cute, while I know that ugly babies exist, so there you go.

  6. All of these comments are making me snort laugh kind of hard at work.

    1) Your kids are v. cute.
    2) I wouldn’t have bothered with #1 if it weren’t true.
    3) There are def. some Not Cute babies out there.
    4) I always wonder if the parents of the Not Cute babies suspect that their child is one.

  7. There are DEFINITELY Not Cute babies out there. I like to think that if my kid wasn’t cute, I’d be able to recognize it — obviously she’d still be beautiful to me, but I hope I’d be able to acknowledge that she didn’t fit the conventional standard for cuteness. (Lucky for me, my kid is totally cute, so I don’t have to worry about it.)

    I think if random people in the grocery store comment unprompted on how cute your kid is, you’ve got a cute kid. Not that your kid ISN’T cute if random strangers don’t comment, but that’s one way to know for sure you’re not biased, is if people go out of their way to tell you that your kid is cute.

  8. My husband doesn’t think most babies are cute. Sometimes I’ll be gushing over one, and later he’ll tell me that the kid was just off in such-or-such a way. I think most babies are adorable–it’s when they turn into toddlers that some of them start dropping on the cute scale.

    Yours though? Adorable.