Ridiculous worries

http://www.osteriaripasso.it/craig-butterfield-dissertation/ I try to comment on most blog posts I read. There are some I never comment on – style blogs, Cake Wrecks, sometimes blogs that usually get hundreds of comments so what’s one more?, but I do for most personal blogs. However, sometimes I’m away from the internet for a couple days. Or I don’t really have an opinion about the topic. Or it’s an emotional post and I don’t know what to say to be encouraging.

When I normally comment on every single post someone writes then miss one, for whatever reason, I feel super awkward. I worry they’ll wonder why I skipped that post. I don’t want them to assume I disagree with what they said or didn’t like it. In fact, I usually go out of my way to not comment on the next post and sometimes the one after that, too. If I miss two or three in a row, I figure they’ll assume I was busy or out-of-town or something.

Usually, I laugh at myself for being so ridiculous – they probably didn’t even notice I didn’t comment, let alone wonder why. But in case you DO notice, let me say: the vast, vast majority of the time I either got busy and decided to catch up on my reader fast-style OR I was passing time waiting somewhere by reading blog posts on my phone, which makes it difficult to comment.

Annnnd, now I’m paranoid some of the people I’ve added in the last few months will read this and think I don’t like them as much because I only comment occasionally instead of on every post. I have over 150 blogs in my reader now, so I’m just trying to read them all and spread a few comments around. It’s not personal!

Do you comment on every post you read? If someone regularly comments on your blog, do you notice when they miss a post? Do you assume they were just busy or wonder what was wrong with that post? Please tell me it’s the first one.


  1. go here 150! Holy Moly. I thought I read a lot of blogs but I only have about 25 in my reader.

    I don’t comment on every one. There are some that I try to comment on regularly but sometimes I just don’t have anything to say.

    here If someone who usually comments doesn’t, I just figure they are busy.

  2. I have about 70 or so blogs in my Reader and I’ll probably comment 80% of the time.

    Sometimes, though, while I will really appreciate what the person shared–I just don’t have anything to share or add. And I don’t want to seem TOO trite just for the sake of commenting.

  3. I have almost 300 blogs in my reader, even though I’ve been trying to get rid of some of the lower level lately. And I have some blogs that I comment on just about every time, for the exact same reasons you mentioned. I am afraid of what they think when I don’t comment. Which is silly, I don’t even notice on my blog when someone misses a post. So for the last two months, I’ve been trying really hard to spread the comments around and not make myself feel like I have to comment on every single post.

  4. I spread a few comments around. I can’t comment on every post.

    Also, I figure people are busy or don’t have something to add to a specific post. Or I assume they just didn’t read my post that day. I’ve never worried about it. So I think you’re ok!

  5. I have about 150 subscribed, but not all update regularly. Of the ones that do there are blogs I don’t ever comment on (mostly the hugely popular/non personal ones.) I try to comment regularly where I do comment, but I certainly don’t comment on every post. Nor do I worry about it.

    Also, I definitely don’t worry about it if someone who comments often doesn’t comment. I mean, my sisters don’t always comment on my blog for crying out loud. My sisters, who I know read every single post. If they don’t comment every time, why would I expect anyone else to?

  6. I used to comment more, but I read lately from my phone so if I want to comment I have to remind myself to go back and do so when I get home from work, while the kids are busy … obviously that doesn’t always work. I remembered this one though!

    I do read every word of all 81 blogs in my reader though.

  7. I’m subscribed to WAY too many, so I end up lurking a fair bit unless something really, really resonated with me. I always read all the posts, but sometimes I just don’t have time to make the comment I want to make, or I’ll comment in my head and forget that I didn’t actually. It gets a little ridiculous at times!

    I never notice when someone skips, but I post so sporadically that I’m always pleased when someone actually comes back!

  8. You are too funny. I love comments, but I don’t worry if someone who used to comment doesn’t. We’re all busy.

  9. I don’t comment on every post. I comment if the person asks a question at the end (like you did), or if I have something of substance to contribute. Although I do a lot of my blog-reading on my phone, so I often will have to click “keep unread” so that I can go back and comment when I’m at the computer, because commenting on my phone can be a pain.

  10. I don’t comment on many posts. But if you miss a few days I DO notice. 🙂

  11. Omg dude. I’ve been busy and not commenting and this cracks me up. I don’t think you should worry about it. Except cake wrecks.. They told me they were pissed at you for not commenting.

  12. Hah! I have been worrying about this a lot lately. I used to not comment much because I mainly read blogs at work, and the comments never seem to work unless I’m commenting from home (stupid filters). Now that I’m going back to work, I’m worried I’ll lose the friendships I’ve made while on maternity leave! I don’t expect every person to comment on every post (since I don’t – I also have about 150 in my reader), but there are some people that USED to comment all of the time and don’t anymore, and now I’m wondering if I offended them or something. Paranoia!

  13. I find it’s best to be sporadic in all things, then this issue can be avoided.