#febphotoaday, part 1

Lots of people on Twitter have been doing this photo a day thing. I think it’s supposed to be an instagram challenge, but I don’t have instagram. I’ve been taking photos with my regular old phone camera and, just for fun, made them into instagram-y squares in Picasa. You’re supposed to tweet the pictures (hence the hashtag in the post title), but I haven’t yet. Also, I’ve been cheating even more, because if I don’t have my phone handy I grab the fancy camera. Oops.

I missed a few days, but here are the ones I’ve got for the beginning of the month.

Day 1 – your view today

This is the view out my cubicle window. I’m lucky to have a window and not be trapped deep in cubicle land all day, but the window isn’t sealed very well and its like sitting in a refrigerator. People put on their coats to come visit our cube. (Oh yeah, I said “our” because we share cubes. Don’t you want to come work at my office?)(It’s really not that bad.)

Day 2 – Words

E-book checked out from the library on my iPad.

Day 3 – Hands

My sister-in-law gave Paul a drum set for Christmas. (Luckily, he’s not coordinated enough to drive us crazy yet.)

Day 5 – 10am

Working in the infant room at the church nursery.

Day 6 – Dinner

Lemon basil pasta (trying to use all the yummy lemons Elizabeth sent from California!)

Day 9 – Front door

This is the inside of my front door, because I was too lazy to go outside and take a picture. (Also, I missed days 7 & 8)

Day 10 – Self-portrait

Taken in the lactation room, naturally.

Day 12 – inside your closet

I used to arrange by color, but am trying something different (see quick take 1 here).

Day 13 – Blue


  1. Great photos! The lemon pasta looks DELICIOUS and I love the sweater with the belt – so pretty!

  2. Looking good lady!