Pro tip

It can be lonely to travel for work. Especially if you’re an auditor and auditees aren’t always thrilled to see you. That’s why I find it comforting to bring along a shelf full of cat knick-knacks. Don’t forget to bring some for the hotel, too.

(OK, this isn’t actually my stuff. This is the office I was put in to work last week while out of town. Good thing I’m not a dog person!)


  1. Wow. Too bad you’re not 93 years old when you could really appreciate it.

  2. Wow! Unique!

  3. Oh man, I was hoping they were yours and you were bringing them to NOLA. It’s okay though, I’ll have plenty.

    • Thank goodness I snagged you as my Thursday night roommate. It’ll be nice to have some cat stuff around for my first night in a strange city.

  4. Did that clock meow on the hour? We had one in my former workplace that had gone around as a white elephant gift and finally got stuck in the break room. Definitely took some getting used to.

    • Unfortunately, the batteries were running out. It still ticked every second, but there wasn’t enough power to fight gravity, so the second hand stayed at about 45 seconds the entire time (and the others didn’t move). As you can imagine, it was great.