Sewing in straight lines (new scarf for cheap!)

It may be a bit too soon to tell you again to go check out Style All Over, but RA’s post last Friday on how to shop for scarves was awesome. I really liked the idea of buying some jersey at the fabric store and wearing it as a scarf. In completely uncharacteristic fashion for me (I almost never follow through on interesting crafts), I went out the next day and actually bought some jersey.

Note to self: Clean bathroom mirror

I found this fabric in the clearance section with a remnant of only 1 yard left (for $7!), so right away RA’s suggestion to buy 2 yards and cut it was out. I’d decided against a no-sew scarf anyway, though, so it wasn’t a problem. I didn’t want the back of my fabric to show, so I planned on sewing it into a tube, figuring I could handle sewing a straight line.

To make the 1 yard work, I just cut it in half lengthwise (realizing later if I actually wanted a scarf of the dimensions she was talking about I should have cut it width-wise) (then realizing I liked the length and being glad I didn’t make it shorter) and sewed the two halves together before closing the tube lengthwise.

The sewing machine…well. Sigh. I hate that I have to re-learn everything each time I pull it out. I last used it when I wrote this, yet I was a sewing machine dunce all over again…and this time I couldn’t even find the manual. You should have seen the trouble that bobbin gave me. It was comical. (I’m glad you didn’t see.) Also, Thomas was out of town and Paul kept waking up which just added to the frustration.

I got it done, though, and since the beauty of this project is all the seams are hidden, it looks perfect! I didn’t close the ends, because I figured they’d kind of end up looking like bubble ends (if that makes any sense?). I’m considering cutting some fringe, but don’t know that I’d like the look of that, either. I also might sew the ends together and make an infinity scarf. I’ve been working on making these braided jersey scarves now, though, and the one problem I have is blind sewing the ends together, making me wary of messing up this already good enough scarf. What do you think would look best?

Are the ends too…unfinished?

Bonus picture – a completed braided scarf. (I used same-pattern fabric for the first few to make it easier. I’ve ordered jersey in red and gold – Iowa State colors – to make next.)


  1. I love these scarves on you. I am now convinced maybe I can pull off a scarf. Now I’m going to have to try – thanks 🙂

  2. Ha ha the little hand in the first picture.

  3. Yeah, you! Awesome! So worth the $7!!