Should it Stay Monday: Open-Front Cardigan

Alright, up this week is what is apparently called a marled open-front cardigan. What the heck marled means, I have no idea. (Oops, just googled and that’s apparently the color, which is different from the one I own. Disregard!)

I got this at Kohl’s a few years ago – not sure if the link will work, since all it shows is the item isn’t sold there anymore. I’ve always had trouble styling it, as I don’t want to look like a tent (which may beg the question of why I bought it, but don’t get smart with me). (I bought it because it was on clearance, of course.)

This sweater was the victim of an unexpected fashion emergency this past week, which only emphasized it’s tent-like properties and earned it a spot on Should it Stay Monday.

I managed to find a safety pin, but I think we can all agree this isn’t a good look.

And yes, I always intend to cut the tag off, but it has useful information, like the style number that helped me find the listing to link to this post. (Or perhaps because I always forget to do it.)

This is how I usually wear it, taken later in the day when my shirt had finally dried:

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s to not take
pictures in the bathroom at work anymore.

I sometimes tie it in front, but there’s too much fabric for that to really work. I wish I could wrap it all the way around and tie in the back, but there’s not quite enough material for that.

So. Do you have suggestions for how I should wear this? Should I just get rid of it?

Updated: Poll results

Should it Stay: Grey, open-front cardigan


  1. Personally, I am not a fan of these types of tops because there is just much fabric and I don’t think they look good. But that is just my opinion. I had a cardigan like this one and I think I wore it once before adding it to the donate pile because I could never figure out how to wear it either without it looking weird.

    • Yes, I rarely wear this, because I generally think other people don’t look good in these kinds of sweaters, either. (It’s so cozy, though!)

  2. If you keep it, don’t tie it. For some reason that looks unflattering to me. (Just my opinion!)

  3. My opinion is that unless you like it, you feel comfortable in it and you feel it is flattering to you, you should get rid of it. There’s no reason to waste closet space on things that don’t fit that criteria.

  4. First time commenter! 🙂 I voted yes keep but I wanted to qualify that response . . . I have a carigan thing like this that looks good ONLY if I belt it. Maybe try adding a wide belt to the outfit?

  5. I had something similar that I wore twice and realized it just wasn’t flattering on me. Too much fabric. I do use it to keep myself at warm at work though since when I walked in this morning my office was 55 degrees.

    Anyway, I like the open cardigan style but I think some of them have too much fabric. I think this one of them.

    • Yes, I’m trying to figure out if I could have the excess fabric chopped off or something. Maybe that would make it work better.

  6. definitely wear it open and drapey

  7. I like open and drapey things like that….but I am not what one would call “stylish” =).

  8. I had this same sweater! I gave up on it as well. It never worked for me, and I always wanted to have it closed, but then when it was closed…well, yeah.

  9. I like big drapey things too. But I also pull my hands up into my sleeves all the time. And am weird.

  10. I think it’s a GREAT piece, but definitely just needs to be worn open and drapey over a fitted top/dress, etc. And don’t tie it, but you already knew that. 🙂