Should it Stay Monday: Bubble Necklace

When everyone was buying bubble necklaces off ebay this summer I followed right along, because 1. I have very few necklaces, but want to be a necklace person and 2. I thought it would be an easy way to fancify any outfit (totally a word) – for example, for Christmas parties I could wear a nice black sweater, dark jeans, and the necklace. Basically, it was my way of getting out of having to wear a dress, which leads to heels, which leads to ouch. This is the reason I went with the red, because I couldn’t really think of other occasions where an ostentatious necklace is called for and/or what color I would want the necklace to be if so.

go When it arrived I realized I hadn’t fully appreciated just how huge this necklace is. I’ve tried it on with many things and it always seemed like too much. But Christmas season is here and if I continue to not wear the necklace that has sat in my closet for six months, it’s time to get rid of it.

Here is the necklace with the grey shirt I happened to be wearing Saturday. My post was going to be: See! It doesn’t work! But…it kind of does. Do you think?

So I need two things: someone to tell me to just wear it already (OR just get rid of it) and an idea of what I should wear it with (Only plain shirts/sweaters? Or are patterns/stripes okay? Crew neck? V-neck? What do YOU wear it with?)

go site P.S. The pic is updated to show a shorter length. I finally got it to work.


  1. I think it’s too long — can you shorten it? I feel the same way – I think those things are adorable, but they just feel silly on me. See also my attempt at scarves (four days last week!)

  2. I think it should be shorter too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like the necklace but it is sitting a little too low.

  4. I think if you shorten it just a little, it’ll be perfect. You can probably do it by removing some links with some needlenose pliers; I had to do that with mine because they were all too long.

  5. Bubble necklaces need to die in a fire. I feel like the internet ruined them.

    (That seems so harsh when I type it out but EVERY TIME I SEE ONE I die a little on the inside, I think.)

    You, however, are lovely. And should definitely wear bold necklaces! 🙂

  6. I am going to join in the chorus – make it shorter and it’ll be perfect.

  7. Since you don’t think you can get the clasp open… Would it be possible to use a ribbon or something in the back to shorten? It IS really lovely and everyone here is saying what I think: a bit shorter and IT WILL BE AMAZING.

  8. I tend to like this style on other people, but not on myself. I think it would be better on the shorter chain, but I see your dilemma. It’s got potential, but… so I voted to donate.