Day 1 as a housewife

A Assignment Yesterday, Paul spilled an entire snack cup full of cheerios under the table. There were a lot of them and they were kind of hard to reach, so I got out the vacuum. There were clumps of cat hair on the carpet (and would be even if I vacuumed twice a day, WHY CAT WHY) so I made the kids pick up their toys and did the entire living room.

When I pushed the vacuum back to the corner of the kitchen where it lives, I noticed it’s corner was dusty. So I hooked up the attachment and took care of it. Then I did the whole perimeter of the kitchen.

When I looked up I noticed a pile of crumbs on the counter and thought…why not? So I vacuumed all of the counter tops. I found this to be such a brilliant idea, I decided to try it on the pile of onion-skin detritus in the vegetable crisper.

see url And that is how I wound up vacuuming the entire interior of my refrigerator.


  1. This made me laugh out loud, in my cube at work. Mostly because it’s totally something I would do. Though I can say that I haven’t vacuumed the fridge before.

  2. This was like the housewife version of “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”. I’ve definitely been in that slippery slope of cleaning before!

  3. Definitely never tried vacuuming my refrigerator. Although, I’m not much for vacuuming anyway.

  4. see This is awesome and made me laugh.

  5. This made me laugh SO SO SO much.

    (Roomba! GET A ROOMBA!)

  6. Holy shit you vacuumed your refrigerator.

  7. I totally laughed out loud at this one, too.

    And you have no idea who I am (I stumbled upon your blog via someone else’s, but now I can’t remember whose that was…), but I’ve just finished reading your entire archives while sick in bed. I am seriously glad that you wrote several times that you read blog archives straight through, too, because it made me feel much less stalker-y about it. Haha. 😉