You need kitchen advice, you come to me

I stumbled upon this gem at an estate sale in Arizona (those are mega depressing, by the way) and unlocked the secrets to 1972 kitchen planning and decorating.

Step 1: ORANGE 
See? You didn’t even have to open the book for the first secret.
Step 2: Washable vinyl wall 
source url Washable vinyl wall, you guys.
Step 3: Consider combining the most used rooms in your house
Why didn’t I think of a combination kitchen-sewing room?

And finally: If you’re looking for low cost, easy to install flooring, asbestos tile is for you.


  1. ok, wait, does Picture Number two have a…ladder? Up to a carpeted dining room…area? If so, then that’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long long time. Besides asbetos tiles, that is.

    • YES. How awesome is that? In addition to having a groovy place to eat, you could sit up there and look down upon whomever is preparing your meal.

  2. go to link I’m wondering what would happen if one were to smear diet imitation margarine all over a washable vinyl wall.

  3. Best. Tips. Ever. Totally have my next kitchen mentally planned.

  4. You must admit, that fridge on the cover is pretty awesome. It’s wide enough to park a small Volkswagen.

  5. I do keep my sewing machines on the floor of my pantry…

    This is awesome.

  6. I actually have a small Volkswagen and am pretty sure my car would indeed fit into that refridgerator.