21 months

I’ve been reading my archives lately and smiling a lot at how much Paul is like Margaret at the same age.  He adores the bath and so did she. He plays this game where he runs in front of the vacuum seemingly go here trying to get his toes run over, which is quite stressful for someone who generally tries to avoid running over little feet. Apparently she went through a phase where she did the exact same thing.

He’s discovered this little barn full of plush horses someone gave us when he was born and is obsessed. Except half of the time he calls them “moo’s.” I always correct him and say they’re horses; horses go neigh! He said neigh once, but now he calls them ho’s, so…oops.

His favorite things right now are “uchs!!” (picture a real German throat clearing in there) When we go for a drive, he stares out the window intently and announces every time he sees a truck.

Dogs are “woof woofs.” Ducks are “duh duh.” That one is my fault because for some reason I call the rubber ducky ‘duck duck.’

Grandma is ah-ma, which sounds a lot like mama and can get confusing.

follow site He was pretty close to my sister who moved to Spain in January. She sent him a postcard and he sleeps with it every night. They Skype once a week and he thinks she should be available in the computer 24-7.

Margaret is hooked on Llama Llama books right now and Paul has followed suit. He said llama the other day and when I didn’t get it (mama? Wawa?) he turned straight at me, all frustrated, and said LLAMA LLAMA clear as day. Then MAMA. Because he wanted to read Llama Llama Mad at Mama. (Which Margaret reads to him, by the way. It’s adorable.)

His favorite thing of all time is the Lion King. We have it on my iPad and whenever he catches sight of it he begs and begs (roar? Pees? ROAAAAAAAR?) He and Margaret also have an unfortunate game where they trap the cat somewhere (under the couch, under the crib) then lean down and roar at her.


  1. So cute! The boys have had Lion King forever but weren’t interested, and then I put in on in the car on the way to Animal Kingdom, and there we went on a safari AND met Rafiki and now Henry’s ALL ABOUT Lion King. Lion King, momma! LION KING! (regarding each and every animal)

    • enter Any time we see a picture of a lion anywhere they’re like OH MY GOODNESS, LOOK! You don’t realize how many lions there are out there until two little scouts are always looking.

  2. http://www.apisalud.es/?pay-to-write-thesis-paper HA! I love the Llama llama story!

    And oh my kid does that vacuum thing. He thinks its the most hysterical thing on the planet.

  3. I love it! Such a cute age.

  4. 🙂 We are big Llama Llama fans over here, too.

  5. I’m afraid I would want to steal your children if I ever got near them.