What we ate: Taco Pie, Cheeseburger Quesadillas, Green Chile Casserole

This week was ground beef week at our house. We periodically go in with coworkers and split the buying/processing of a cow. We usually take a quarter of the cow and load up the deep freeze. A new quarter arrived this week and waaaay at the bottom of the freezer, we found a few pounds of ground beef hanging out from last time.

(I also found a two-year-old loaf of banana bread and it tasted like it had been made yesterday. I’d wrapped it in foil and then put it in a freezer bag and I guess that’s the way to go. I usually only use a freezer bag and muffins/bread frozen that way don’t last nearly as long.)

It turns out searching for recipes with a required ingredient isn’t my style, though. I found meal planning to be a real drag this week. Most recipes with ground beef are so heavy. Or cream of fill-in-the-blank soup filled. (Yuck.) I made Korean beef again last week, so couldn’t throw that on the meal plan and I guess I don’t really have any other go-to recipes for ground beef. (Excluding spaghetti and the like, but I wasn’t in the mood for that, either.)

Taco Pie

This got rave reviews and the children ate every bite. I felt like it needed a little something to put it over the top, but was pretty good. Now you need to make it and tell me what I should add.

(Oops, just remembered I was going to add some of the green onions I bought for a different recipe this week. Maybe that would have done it?)

I'd like to send a big 'ol THANKS A LOT to Erica for informing me Bisquick is full of trans fats. I didn't need to know that.

I’d like to send a big ‘ol THANKS A LOT to Erica for informing me Bisquick is full of trans fats. I didn’t need to know that.

Cheeseburger Quesadillas

I’m going to have a hard time stopping myself from adding ketchup and mustard every time I cook ground beef. This was GOOD. The meat, at least. I’m not a huge fan of quesadillas, but that’s not the recipe’s fault. I ate the leftover meat on a bun, sloppy joe style, and couldn’t get enough.

(Sloppy joes are a universal thing, right? Or do you call them something else? Here we also have Made-Rites, but that’s a brand name.)

Green Chile Casserole

I caved. This does have cream of mushroom soup.

I wish Iā€™d thought to cook the onions with the ground beef, as they were a bit too crunchy/overpowering, but otherwise this was pretty good. I was expecting decent/not great because of my cream of mushroom prejudice, but I think the milk helped a lot with that ā€“ instead of being gelatinous or too thick it just became part of the sauce.


  1. Is the Heart Healthy Bisquik the same way? Bc I don’t make a lot of it and I certainly don’t plan on not eating it but I am curious. And I only ever buy the HH – I mean, it SAYS healthy, right? šŸ™‚

    And I’m totally jealous about the “splitting of a COW”. A COW. Beef doesn’t just come for the grocery store?

    The kids loved the Korean Beef (as did we, but we’re less picky). They didn’t eat a ton but they never do for dinner. But not a single complaint!! Awesome. Tonight is the coconut ginger chicken. Likely more complaints.

    • I’ll have to check out the heart healthy – I rarely use Bisquick, either, so I have never paid much attention to it! The box I have right now is several years old, so I mainly focus on trying not to think about WHY it’s still fine after three years. (And/or if it’s NOT.)

  2. Whoa. 1/4 of a cow.

  3. Hey! We get 1/4 cow each year too! We get ours in December usually. My husband’s uncle raises the cows – grass fed, and usually the meat is awesome. It’s unfortunate my 5yo hates hamburger.

    • I love buying a cow. Somehow we missed it last year (we buy from Thomas’ coworker’s brother) and we’re happy to have a full deep freeze again!

      • This year we got a bad batch. We’re pretty sure the locker (Mingo) swapped cows or mixed up with others or something. It’s pretty bad, the steaks we ate last night were like a treasure hunt for meat vs fat. So next year we’re going back to the Sully locker and if its bad again we’re done. It is still really nice to have a freezer full of cow.

  4. Do you have leftovers? Because I’m coming over. YUM.