It’s proven to be a good conversation starter, too

Let’s see, what else is new…oh! I woke up last Thursday thinking about something Jen Fulweiler said prior to her clot-filter-placing surgery a few weeks ago (that would leave her with a scar): “Oh, you say you’re a Camp Patton fan? Do you have a matching scar on your neck? Yeah. I didn’t think so.”

I decided that, really, I should just go ahead and get it done.

Newest member of the internet lady-blogger neck scar club.

Ok, really, I woke up that day and noticed one of the moles on my neck had become much darker and sort of irregularly shaped (seemingly) overnight. I called my doctor’s office and said “hey, this is probably nothing, but can someone take a look?” They responded there was an opening in an hour and a half and would that work? So I fed the kids lunch then loaded them up.

The doctor studied it for a minute or so, then said “Yeah, probably nothing, but lay back and turn your head to the side so I can lop it off and send it to pathology.”

(That may not be a direct quote.)

My kids ran around the room and pestered the nurse while the doctor sliced into my neck and put in three cool stitches. I thought about asking if he could throw in a Harry Potter scar while he was at it, but decided to think on that one some more.

Lab results will be back sometime this week, but seriously, I’m not worried. I do have a lot of freaking moles, though, so I hope I don’t systematically have to get them all sliced off throughout my life. That’s a lot of procedures.


  1. It totally ups your badassery quotient, but too bad he couldn’t do it Harry Potter style.

  2. Did a family doctor do this or did you have to go to a dermatologist? I have a mole I’d like to get rid of, that doesn’t worry me but is in a bothersome location and a couple others I wouldn’t mind losing as well. But I assumed I’d have to do a dermatologist and get a referral or something and blah blah my kid is home and I don’t have time, but next year..both kids in school. I can DO things.

    • Regular doctor! I called the dermatologist and they said they couldn’t see me until June unless I had a referral from a GP. So I called the family doctor and they did it all right in their office.

  3. You’re reminding me that I have some moles I should probably get checked out…

    • I usually let these kind of things drag on forever, so I figured if I didn’t call right away I’d still be looking at the mole and crossing my fingers a year from now!