31 for 31: What I’m wearing

get link Ok, I guess I’m doing this. In addition to participating in RA’s Mission: Put Together in May, I’ll be adding difficulty by wearing only 31 items for the entire month. Coming off of wearing 7 items for 7 days, this seems very doable. As I picked them out, 31 items seemed like SO MANY even though it didn’t make much of a dent in my closet. Partway through I thought I must be at 31 already since I had so much variety, but counted and had…18.

http://www.55studio.com.au/?buying-a-doctorate-dissertation-behaviour buying a doctorate dissertation behaviour This will be fairly different from the 7 for 7, though – that was all about living with less and (sort of) understanding what it’s like to not have a closet full of options. The strictest form includes no accessories, no outerwear, and even no pajamas.

A 31×31 is all about maximizing your closet, accessorizing skillfully, and looking put together – during the day. Workout clothes, loungewear, and pajamas do not need to be included in your 31 items. You can’t wear the same t-shirt and jeans three days running, though, like in the 7 for 7. Every outfit in your 31 days needs to be unique. (Eek!) It’s all about making your closet seem bigger, by figuring out several different ways each item can be worn.

click I’ve got all my outfits for the month penciled in and am kind of excited to get going! So here’s what I’m wearing:


  • Fuscia t-shirt (Target)
  • White tank with metallic texture (Rafaella brand, no idea where I bought it)
  • Green striped top (Kohls)
  • Blue & white striped tunic (Target)
  • Leopard print tank (New York & Company)
  • Purple ruffled shirt (Target)
  • Plain white shirt (Target)
  • Black sequined shirt (New York & Company)

follow 31x31
Dresses, pants, and skirt:

  • Red fit & flare dress (Land’s End)
  • Blue striped dress (Target)
  • White shorts (Eddie Bauer)
  • Capri trouser jeans (Old Navy) (these are the best Old Navy pants I’ve ever owned, hand’s down. They’re awesome.)
  • Jeans (Gap)
  • Purple skinny jeans (Target)
  • Brown skirt (Overstock, I think? I bought it for a long-ago dance competition and the quality is great.)

Layers and shoes

  • Green striped button-down (Target)
  • Black striped button-down (Sears)
  • White patterned cardigan (Target)
  • Purple Born flats (Zappos)
  • Black Puma flats (Amazon)
  • Gold flip-flops (Old Navy)

source 31x313

  • Navy & white scarf (Land’s End Canvas)
  • Blue & white striped scarf (Connected in Hope foundation)
  • Black stretchy belt (Target)
  • Pink The-Blathering-Austin puff (handmade by Elizabeth)
  • Black/metallic bead necklace (New York & Company)
  • Just Expressive necklace (Etsy)
  • Green stacking bangles (New York & Company)
  • Gold hammered metal earrings (gift)
  • Grey braided t-shirt scarf (handmade by me)
  • Brown & silver bracelet (New York & Company)

What surprised me the most is how many items were from Target. I know I’ve bought a lot there, but I’ve also sent a lot of it to Goodwill. What’s left is actually pretty great stuff that has lasted and easily made the cut. (Aside from the white cardigan, which is fairly faded and shapeless, but it goes so well with almost anything I can’t get rid of it.)

I picked all of this out on Saturday and having to decide what to wear each morning for the next three days suddenly seemed like such a burden. I’m ready for rules and lists and daily prompts. Is it May yet?

(How long do you think it will be before I start saying “Is it June yet?”)


  1. Yay, I’m so glad you’re participating! I love that striped top and purple ruffled top you included.

  2. I think I need you to be my personal shopper. I don’t know that I even have that many shirts right now! Every time I go out to the sales, I end up buying stuff for my kids. Everything looks cute on them.

  3. I was mentioning at Janssen’s blog that I thought maybe I should do this and then I started counting and realized that 31 items would be basically all my clothes. So not really a challenge.