What we ate: Black Bean Tacos, Quinoa Pilaf, Crock Pot Roast

http://cantat.amu.edu.pl/?new-york-city-business-plan-writers new york city business plan writers Thomas’ Black Bean Tacos

No link here! This is something Thomas devised all on his own and we’ve been eating it for several years.

follow Sautee 8 oz cleaned and diced button mushrooms in 1 tbsp olive oil

http://www.catcoglobal.com/?writing-marketing-dissertation When almost cooked, add 2 cups black beans (we cook ours from dried beans in advance) and 1 cup corn.

Smash some of the beans a little to make a sort of puree/sauce for the mixture.

Warm through, serve on tortillas with salsa, cheese, and greek yogurt (to sub for sour cream).

http://www.unggulsejatiabadi.com/?dissertation0servicecouk Warm Quinoa Pilaf Salad with Shiitake Mushrooms, Carrots & Pecan

here Still plugging away at the quinoa salads. I hoped the shiitake in this one could break the quinoa-isn’t-a-substantial-meal barrier in my head. I doubled the recipe, since usually 1 cup on quinoa (no matter how many mix-ins) isn’t enough for the four of us. Of course this meant the kids refused to eat a single bite and Thomas and I both thought it was really bland and boring. We were all clearly jazzed about eating the copious amount of leftovers.

If you added something to make it less bland, this actually wasn’t half bad, though. Thomas added salsa and cheese and said it came out pretty well.

Crock Pot Roast

(The link on this pin isn’t right, so you just have to cook from the description.)

This was wonderful. There’s not much you can do to screw up a roast in the crockpot, but this was about the best mine has ever turned out. I made this from memory (despite it being my first time using this recipe) and forgot to add the water. I remembered about an hour from the end and worried the potatoes would be burned on the bottom. But when I went to check, everything was bubbling beautifully and water didn’t seem necessary. As I said, it turned out perfectly and I think it was better without the extra water.


  1. Thank you. I was struggling with the grocery list/meal plan this week because I was originally not set to be home this week. Sunday pot roast will work great so my mom has leftovers when she watches the kids next week!

  2. We like black bean tacos at our house, too, and make them very similarly to yours. I usually add a bit of soy crumbles, too, and use a little salsa right in the beans to make a more “taco filling” consistency. But I like anything with black beans! 🙂