52 Date Nights, Week 26: Fondue Date Night*

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see url Does date night get much yummier than a pot of chocolate?

follow As pictured, for a “fondue pot” we went the oversized-Friends-mug-on-a-beverage-warmer route. We actually own a very nice fondue pot that was a wedding present. It’s a fondue pot for eight, though, and is a bit of overkill when making chocolate for two. We considered going the full on cheese/oil/chocolate route, but there was really no way to make it dinner without involving the kids (who don’t go to bed until 8:30). We like “date night” to be just us and are not fond of waiting to eat until 9 pm. New Yorkers we are not.

source url That’s all to say: we decided to go with a small amount of chocolate only, so put the legitimate fondue pot back in the cupboard and improvised. It worked really well. So well I’m going to have to work on making sure I don’t decide chocolate fondue would be a nice daily routine. (Yum.)

Even though the kids didn’t get to stay up for date-night fondue, Thomas made them their own fondue-ish bedtime snack with candy melts.

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source url A few nights later I ended up making french toast for bedtime snack (it’s a long story), so it’s safe to say the standards around here are getting a little too high. And sugary.


Chocolate Fondue Recipe:

I decided to get a little crazy and use mainly butter instead of cream to make the fondue smooth and thick. I used a little heavy cream, too (probably about a teaspoon) but I don’t know if it was entirely necessary. Mainly I melted 1/2 to 3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chunks in a makeshift double boiler – small sautee pan nested over a pot of boiling water – with 1-2 tbsp butter. 


*Everybody Loves Raymond