What we ate: Monte Cristo Sandwiches, Egg Vegetable Casserole, Couscous mac & cheese

http://alooclean.com/proposal-for-dissertation/ Monte Cristo Sandwiches

I’ve usually heard of monte cristos being made with muenster cheese, so when some caught my eye at Trader Joe’s I decided to make them. This recipe was pretty much exactly what I was thinking, just with gouda instead. Also, to compact them I didn’t want to use plastic wrap, so I put them in an 8×8 pan topped with another 8×8, a la Emeril’s Turkey Club Casserole. (These monte cristos were way easier and almost the same, anyway, so I think they’ve replaced that one.)

here Edited to add: I forgot to say that when the recipe says it’s scaled down from a restaurant version so the proportions might be off? They are. Even thought I said I’m bad at proportions (below), I knew you don’t need three eggs to dip one sandwich. I made three sandwiches (they’re double-deckers so the kids shared one) and stuck with the three eggs instead of tripling. I had enough for the sandwiches plus five pieces of french toast. Likewise, the amount of  butter/oil indicated for one sandwich was enough for me to do all three.

http://www.wqlx.net/m-tech-thesis-help/ Egg Vegetable Casserole

http://joefloodins.com/community-service-hours-essay/ I had to make an egg casserole for a church thing and red peppers were really cheap this week, so I searched for a recipe that used them. This was pretty basic and easy, so I went with it. I almost made it recipe-less, but I’m terrible with proportions. We made two, one to deliver to church and one to eat at home. The kids refused to eat it, because of the spinach, but that just meant I got to eat it for breakfast the rest of the week. Yum.

see Couscous ‘mac’ & cheese

http://www.cgmediagroup.com/essay-public-service/ This is a recipe where I deliberately use couscous instead of quinoa. We like it a lot better. Understandable, I suppose, since couscous is closer to pasta. I made it as recommended, with just leeks and tomato for vegetables, and think a bigger variety would help it be less…boring. It was pretty good. But boring.


Remember the black bean tacos from last week? The filling is even better when put over chips and covered with cheese. (Duh.) My favorite meal this week, easily.

P.S. I forgot to show you this picture of the cheeseburger quesadillas last month. Just looking at it makes me hungry.