May 2013 Goodies Taster’s Box Review

go here I’m not normally a box reviewer, but I just got this month’s Goodies Taster’s Box and it is so amazing I decided to get my inner Laura on and tell you about it. (Copying her categories completely, naturally.) Fullscreen capture 5202013 54457 PM.bmp

The Goodies Taster’s Box was actually started by WalMart. I don’t think “The Goodies Company” is actually a company so much as a project WalMart is doing, but it doesn’t really matter.

Date of Arrival: May 20, 2013


Packaging: Each month’s goodies come in a sturdy brown box (pictured with my computer for scale – they’re pretty large). Inside there’s always brown crinkle paper shreds for cushioning, but there must be a pre-set amount in each box because it’s not always enough. Since there were so many items this month they were secure and arrived in perfect condition. A couple months ago the theme was breakfast and all the items were small – granola bars and such – and arrived crumbled and smashed due to insufficient padding.


Contents: (clockwise starting at the far left)


A full liter of Zico coconut water: I was really excited to get this large product because the items are almost always snack size. (Fitting, I suppose, since this is a subscription service for…snacks.)

Kathie’s Kitchen Super Seedz sea salt pumpkin seeds: I like that these are only pumpkin seeds and salt. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m hoping they’re not too salty because I am a salt minimalist:)

Wholly Guacamole chip clip and voucher for a (1) free Wholly product (no purchase necessary, product not to exceed $6.50, valid until 12/31/13): I’d usually rather receive a product than a coupon, but you can’t exactly mail guacamole. As vouchers go, it’s the best. No ‘buy one get one free’, no ‘expires next week’. The only problem is I’ve had coupons for Wholly products before and weren’t able to find them in my grocery store. Their product locator says the store carries it, so I guess I’ll have to look harder.

Beanitos Chipotle BBQ black bean chips: Gluten free, 4 grams of protein – they sound like a good snack so I hope they are!

California Olive Ranch olive oil, two 0.4 fl oz packets: They’re the right size for cooking with and that’s what I’ll probably do…but I am thinking about using them on my face, oil-cleansing-method style.

Bronco Bob’s Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce: Thomas is going to be all over this. I’m sure we’ll use it to grill. Like everything else it seems pretty natural, containing only mangoes, sugar, apple cider vinegar, peppers, easily-recognizable seasonings, and pectin.

Sour power straws in blue raspberry (pictured) and pink lemonade (laying below the blue raspberry, where I hadn’t discovered it yet!): I essentially never eat candy that isn’t chocolate, but it’s fun to have something different. I shared these with the kids and we all loved them. They are basically your standard sour gummy candy and have the right mix of sweet and sour. They’re sweetened with glucose-fructose syrup, whatever that is, instead of corn syrup, but have Red 40.

Numi organic tea in Moroccan Mint (not pictured): I accidentally set this aside with the goodies card when I opened the box. It looks like a good company – fair trade, solar-powered production facility – but all mint tea pretty much tastes the same to me. siri help me with my homework Value: The subscription is only $7 a month, so I generally don’t worry too much about getting my money’s worth. I’m guessing it comes out WAY ahead this month if you buy the Wholly Guacamole. There’s always at least six items (eight this month) so I figure it costs me a little over $1 a snack to have fun trying things.

Overall impression of the box/service: I squealed when I opened this one. The boxes seem to be getting better quickly. I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with this when I first started getting boxes, since the value was low (seven cereal bars/granola packets/breakfast cookies is not really worth $7) but it’s climbing each month.

Normally you have to request an invite and wait to subscribe to the boxes, but this month’s included a code SKIPTHELINE that will let you start receiving them right away. I imagine they’re getting rid of the waitlist soon since anyone could google and find this code. You can subscribe here.

As far as I know there’s no referral program, but you do get points for reviewing items in your boxes. The points can be redeemed for unspecified rewards (I haven’t earned any rewards yet).


This post was not sponsored in any way, I was just excited about my box and wanted to tell you!


  1. Interesting… I’d never even heard of Goodies Taster’s Boxes!

  2. Michelle H. says:

    I’m not sure where you’re located or what grocery store you shop at, but my grocery store has Wholly Guacamole products in the produce department. Usually on the side where they keep the bags of salad mix, and fruit and vegetable ready-to-eat packs. Often near the fresh salsas and boxes of herbs. Check in that section! 🙂