What we ate: Bonus! Chocolate chip-pea cookies

follow url Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip-pea Cookies from The Gluten Free Vegan


First of all, I don’t know where on earth this lady buys her canned chickpeas because she said she “refused to waste 1/4 cup of chickpeas like the recipe indicated” so adjusted the recipe to call for one whole can…a 19 oz can. All the chickpeas I’ve ever seen have been in 15 oz cans, so I’d appreciate a peek at the original recipe!

http://www.wqlx.net/macaulay-essays/ Anyway, I wanted to make a two-can batch so I decided to keep it simple and assume I could use 1.5 times as much of all the ingredients. (Two 15 oz cans = 30 = roughly 1.5 x 19).

Comment Faire Une Bonne Dissertation En Histoire I meant to get to the fancier grocery store to buy some freshly ground natural peanut butter, but the kids got sick so I was housebound and used Jif. I reduced the amount of agave and omitted the salt to balance the sugar and salt in the peanut butter. They were not sweet enough. I googled around a little (should have done that earlier!) and saw other recipes called for twice as much honey/agave so I’ll use more next time.

10 Pages Research Paper Also, I didn’t read closely enough and made these in my kitchenaid instead of the food processor. As a result, the chickpeas weren’t quite fully pulverized but we ended up really liking having (tiny) chunks in the cookies. If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed they were nuts. I’ll definitely continue to make them that way.

see url As they came out (not sweet enough, really bland) I wouldn’t necessarily make them again, but I want to keep experimenting. I’m going to try this recipe next.

http://insuredirect.qa/phd-thesis-mobile-computing/ Have any of you made cookies with chickpeas? Do you have a recipe to recommend? I also want to try black-bean brownies. Do you have tips or a recipe you like for those?


  1. Maybe she’s Canadian? All the canned chickpeas I have are 19 oz (because that’s over 500 g). I am curious to see how the next recipe turns out.

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, that makes sense! I don’t know if she’s Canadian.

      Someone recommended I make sure the chickpeas were ground really fine (so much for the texture the not-quite-ground pieces gave me). I did that, doubled the agave (to 1/4 cup per 15 oz can of chickpeas), and flattened them so they’d get more cooked in the middle. They definitely looked better out of the oven, but both batches were falling apart by the second day. They taste good, but won’t stay together! I couldn’t tell any difference in the sweetness level so will probably drop the agave back down.