What we ate: Golden Rice Bowls, Corn Salsa Soup, Chicken Black Bean Tacos, Cilantro-Lime Rice

Golden Rice Bowls

The kids chowed down on this stuff (I left the spinach off theirs). It was good (and smelled fantastic while cooking) but rather bland. There’s a reason she suggests you throw some hot sauce on top. It’s definitely something I could see making again and again, though. A simple, yet put-together meal. (As opposed to: here, have some eggs and leave mama alone.)

Creamy Corn “Salsa” Soup

Creamy Corn Salsa Soup

If you want quick and dirty tortilla soup, this is probably a good go-to. Most tortilla soups I’ve seen cook for a long time, but this was 30 minutes from starting to serving. It’s not expressly tortilla soup, but throw some chips in a bowl, ladle soup on top, and it basically is.

That said, it was pretty mediocre. Thomas liked it, but prefers other soups. I knew going in that the tomato chunks would be a problem for me (there was an very large amount of them and I hate them to begin with) so I wasn’t too surprised to dislike it. We thought it was overly sweet, too, but again, neither of us like creamed corn, so maybe if you do?

Slow-Cooker Chicken Black Bean Tacos

I’d summarize this as “good, but maybe not good enough to make all the time.” We liked it, but thought it was missing something to make it GREAT. It made a lot – enough that the next night I made Cilantro-Lime Rice and we had ‘Chipotle’ Burrito Bowls with the leftovers.

My problem with Chipotle rice has always been I can’t taste the lime and cilantro. But I like both a LOT and am aware others don’t. The rice I made was, on it’s own, very lime-y and very cilantro-y, which made it awesome in my book. (Not so much for Thomas.) Once it was mixed into a burrito bowl, though, I had the same problem again – couldn’t taste them. I guess I’ll let Chipotle off the hook. I did recently learn you can ask for extra cilantro on your whole burrito and you better bet I’m going to always do that.