What we ate: Healthy Chocolate Frosty, Pineapple Mandarin Chicken, Yeasted Waffles

Healthy Version Chocolate Frosty

This recipe is how I won the award for Best Mom in the Land last week. I really didn’t feel like making lunch or fighting with the kids to get them to eat. So I thought about the ingredients in the frosty and decided I’d be perfectly happy if my kids each ate three quarters of a banana, a quarter of an avocado, and some almond milk (we didn’t have soy) for lunch. Even if it did include a tablespoon of cocoa powder each. So I told them it was a very, very special day whereupon we got to have chocolate ice cream for lunch. Win!

Now, is it the best chocolate frosty you’re ever going to have? No. Does it even taste like ice cream? Eh. The texture is pretty good if you get it at exactly the right temperature (good luck), but the taste doesn’t exactly scream ice cream. It’s pretty good, though. I’ve tried it both with and without almond milk and liked it better without – it tastes like pudding when you make it with room-temp bananas (no milk) and chill in the freezer to just short of ice cream temperature.

Pineapple Mandarin Chicken

I was really hoping we’d like this, since it calls for half a bottle of mandarin sauce and half a jar of pineapple preserves so it was a forgone conclusion we’d be having it at least twice. And we did like it! It was really good, actually, and made me think I should always drain the juices before adding a sauce when making chicken in the crock pot.

Essential Raised Waffles


I hate our waffle maker. Haaaaate. Making these reminded me why we’ve only used it twice in six years of marriage. Plus, the waffles themselves were fine but not amazing. The texture was good, but they barely had any taste. Overall, dinner was a bust that night. I spent an hour in front of the waffle maker and no one was particularly thrilled with the result. I mean, anything covered in syrup, peaches, and powdered sugar is fairly good, but I felt like these were over-promised. I was expecting fabulousness.

They did keep really well (in the fridge). I ate them all week for breakfast and kind of miss having them around.


  1. A) I read this as Existential Waffles and was VERY curious and B) thank you for not saying, ‘This is just like ice cream!’ Lies. I like it better when people say, “This is better than steamed broccoli, but no, this is not ice cream.”

  2. Putting that chicken on the menu for next week.