June 2013 Goodies Taster’s Box Review

The Goodies Company is owned by Wal-Mart and is a subscription service that costs $7 a month. Each month you receive a box of 5-10 samples of new/interesting snacks (available at Wal-Mart!). I’ve been a subscriber for four months. May’s box is reviewed here.

enter site Date of Arrival: June 27, 2013. I noticed this was a week later than last month when it came on the 20th. The monthly cost is billed to subscribers between the 1st and 5th of each month and I’m not a huge fan of services that charge so far in advance. You barely have a chance to open one month’s box before the deadline passes to cancel before being charged for the following month. So far, I have no intention of cancelling, but it still rubs me the wrong way.


Last month’s picture, with computer for scale, because the box always looks the same:)

Packaging: I’ve mentioned before they tend to have packaging difficulties. The cardboard box and the brown crinkle paper shreds inside are always the same, but the amount of space the products occupy varies month to month. There doesn’t seem to be any effort to pack the shredded paper around the items or include more padding when the products are small. You can see below how some of the items fared this month (hint: not well).



Six items is much more typical for a box than last month, when there were nine. They’re almost large samples this month, which is awesome.

enter site Pringles Baked Crispy Stix: Hmm. They were cheesy, that’s for sure. I thought they tasted pretty much exactly like homemade cheese straws, which is pretty impressive, but I’m not sure if I liked them. The cheese was too punchy.


source Duchy Originals Highland Shortbread: I adore shortbread. Of all kinds. These were crunchier than I prefer, but the taste was great.

Dream Water: This was the wild card. Did I want to drink this random stuff and hope for the best? I decided to go for it. Verdict: I’m not sure what the other ingredients were, but the big gun was definitely the melatonin and it’s pretty good stuff. I fell asleep quickly. The dream water tasted fine and was convenient, but probably not worth paying more per night than a plain old bottle of melatonin pills.

Lays Stax Que Rico Adobadas chips (say that five times fast):


Here’s where things got dicey. All of the chips, down to the bottom of the canister, were broken. I’m not a super-stickler about packaging, but maybe if you’re going to send me potato chips you could try to figure out how to get them here in one piece?

The chips themselves were good. I was worried they’d be too spicy (like the Chipotle BBQ black bean chips last month which set my mouth on fire), but they were pretty balanced. Apparently the new Que Rico chips are supposed to be “The mouthwatering, crispy crunch of LAY’S STAX® potato crisps with the zest and spice of your favorite Hispanic flavors!”

Okay. Works for me.

source site Smooch fruit smoothie-ish pouch: These are fruit squeeze pouches for adults. I’ve been caught stealing my kids’ applesauce pouches more than once, so this is right up my alley. I don’t know that I’d ever buy them, since they’re about $2 a pouch, but it was very good.

Gimme Honey Dijon Roasted Seaweed Crumbles: Crumbles have got to be easier to ship than potato chips, right? 🙂 I took a risk and put these on our baked spaghetti casserole instead of french fried onions. (Which I don’t like so was going to just do without.) Only on the adults’ portion, though, because I didn’t want the kids to freak out and not eat dinner. What happened instead is they were so intrigued by the ‘special stuff’ mommy and daddy weren’t even offering to share that they begged for some and ended up eating it by the handful. Two thumbs up, says the four-year-old and two-year-old.

I was worried the dijon flavor would be too strong, but could barely taste it. It’s great the flavor won’t limit what you can put it on, but they pretty much had no flavor at all and I think it could have been ramped up a bit. Better than too much, though, I suppose.


Those last two (fruit pouch on top, seaweed on bottom) are more like what I’ve gotten used to receiving in these boxes. They’re always samples of new items, which means they’re often trendy. “Superfoods” “gluten free” “no GMOs” and, well, “seaweed” were right in line with what I usually get. I enjoy those things, especially since they’re theoretically healthy, but it was nice to have some ‘normal’ snacks mixed in, like the Lays and Pringles. It’s a bummer those were my least favorite items, but at least they were large samples which I appreciate.


June Taster's Box Value

$10 worth of snacks for $7. Not exactly a screaming deal, but it’s good enough for me. I enjoy being able to sample a bunch of different items without buying the full package size. The boxes seem to vary a lot – last month’s was pretty high dollar and this month we went back down to ‘barely over the $7 cost’.

Overall impression of box/service: I really like receiving this each month and it’s nice to have a variety of snacks I wouldn’t necessarily purchase. Very helpful in distracting kiddos when out and about. Give them something ‘new’ and they’re all over it. (Honestly, I’m kind of the same way.) I don’t think I’ll necessarily buy any of these items, but that’s fine since next month we’ll have a box full of new stuff. For $7 I’m not too picky.

Once again, this box included a code to pass along to new subscribers so they can start receiving boxes immediately. (Normally there’s a wait list.) Go to www.goodies.co/promo and enter SKIPTHELINE6. (Not a referral link and not sponsored.)