Someone needs to knock me out with a hammer

12:27 am

I swear I just heard a small voice say mommy. Not urgently, more like “you still up? Can you come say goodnight again?”

So I went into Margaret’s room (Paul calls me mama) and she was out COLD. I resituated her nightgown, retucked her blankets & kissed her goodnight and all she did was roll away from me because I was disturbing her.

Should this be freaking me out? No. I probably imagined it. Or she said it in her sleep. It’s late, no one needs anything, I should go to bed. But my brain just won’t STOP. I swear I heard it; I’ve never witnessed Margaret talk in her sleep. (Or Paul call me anything other than MA. MUH. at full volume.) So…something does not compute. And my brain won’t give it up. Go to sleep, brain!

(Three guesses as to how much I compute when the kids storm my room in the morning.)