Perhaps I should take a TV break. (Ha!)

So, Scandal, you guys. SCANDAL. Is that a show or what? I finished it a couple weeks ago and am still recovering. Of course, now I’m annoyed, because I haaaate watching shows weekly. You just can’t get any momentum going. And a disappointing episode becomes so much more disappointing when you have to wait another week for a new one. But you can’t really hold out, either, because people post spoilers and … ugh.

see Completed shows sometimes aren’t any better, though, because once you get to the end, it’s the END. There will never be any more. It’s so final. And sad, usually. I mean, I just went through The Office finale a month ago and now I’m finishing up The West Wing. (Which I started watching almost a year ago.) Big farewell episodes unnecessarily play on my already huge feeling of nostalgia and I just weep the whole time. I started crying with six episodes to go. (To be fair, it was a funeral episode.)

I have no idea where to go now. Old show? New one? My list of current shows is getting up there and I’m not sure how many I can watch. I’ve got Mad Men, Top Chef (can’t give it up!), The Good Wife, Downton Abbey…then the half hours: Modern Family, Go On (you have to watch that, seriously, so good), and probably something else I’m missing.

get link Oh! Scandal, of course. So what’s my new ‘mainlining’ show? Something I can watch many, many episodes of when I’m supposed to be in bed sleeping. Any recommendations? Despite the two comedies (and a reality show) on my list, I’m a drama girl.


  1. enter site I recommend Faith (The Great Doctor) or Boys Over Flowers (sometimes called Boys Before Flowers), both Korean dramas starring Lee Min Ho. OKAY, OKAY, they’re Korean and they’re subtitled, but I’M TELLING YOU, if you want to mainline some drama, they are awesome. Especially Boys Over Flowers. Or Faith. Both of them. You can watch them both on on a computer or a tablet, viki has an app. I wished I had someone watching BOF along with me when I was watching it because it was hilarious and insane in its over the top drama-ness, but also awesome. Best ever. I wish I was still watching it. Lee Min Ho has another drama coming up in October, so I need SOMEONE to get into this stuff so I have someone to watch with me. COME OOOON IT’S GOOOOOD I PROMISE.

    • Jessica says:

      I AM CONSIDERING. The sticking point is I rarely just watch TV – I’m always doing something else and not looking at the screen. Which makes subtitles hard.

  2. I love White Collar! Some others that my husband and I have watched on Netflix in the last year or so: In Plain Sight, Eureka, Jericho, Jeremiah, Falling Skies, Three Rivers, Call the Midwife, Downtown Abbey. I’m sure I’m missing some!

  3. Expository Research Paper You are like the 3rd person I’ve heard (read?) recommending Scandal lately. I’d never heard of it until a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to check it out…

  4. Yeah, so, I just watch the whole first season of Scandal in the last two days. Thanks a lot for getting me hooked!