What we ate: Thai Green Curry Meatballs, Homemade Mac & Cheese, White Bean Salad

Thai Green Curry Meatballs

http://historia-sportu.cba.pl/?assignment-help-marketing These were quite the project. At least an hour and a half from when I started to when all the dishes were washed. I figured that from looking at the list of ingredients, though, and planned to make it on a Saturday afternoon and freeze. Be prepared to destroy your kitchen in the process:)


All for some cute little meatballs!

see url They were ridiculously good, though. When I defrosted them later in the week it was like I’d ordered really good takeout for dinner except better because 1. I got to take credit for the yumminess and 2. It was way cheaper than takeout.

Quick & Easy Mac ‘n’ Cheese

go This was good (and easy as promised), although a little too greasy. We loved it with steamed broccoli mixed in right before serving. I wanted to try and mix in the broccoli from the beginning, but decided to actually follow the recipe. At least the first time.

source url White Bean Salad

http://apt-online.ch/?german-defence-minister-phd-thesis White Bean Salad

This was recommended by Erica and I decided to bring it for our Fourth of July camping trip. (AKA, one night in a tent 5 miles from home.) The first time I used white wine vinegar. It was good, but nothing special. I managed to find some red wine vinegar before making it again, though, and that made the salad fantastic. Really good. And so easy!

And, of course, the camping trip wouldn’t have been complete without plain old smores and hot dogs roasted over a fire:)

4th of July Smores


  1. Good idea with the red wine vinegar.