OK, fine, I’ll try The Honest Company (coupon included!)

This post is not sponsored. It does, however, contain referral links that may earn me credit if you use them. (I don’t think free trials count as referral purchases.) Using the referral link also gets YOU a $10 credit, so have at it!

There’s been a lot of promotion lately of The Honest Company (and coupon codes flying around like crazy!) I’ve been resisting it for awhile because their stuff is seriously expensive – or so I thought. The sticker shock on their diapers is pretty hard to overcome but they have a whole bunch of other stuff that’s reasonably priced. I was especially intrigued by the healing balm for use on Paul’s mild eczema and diaper rash.

Paul is probably going to hate me for talking about this on the internet, but he has terribly heat-sensitive skin…especially in the diaper area. Summer is kind of a nightmare with him almost constantly covered in red rashy bumps. It’s the reason we gave up cloth diapers, actually, because they were just too heat-trapping and made things worse. I suppose this is all a reason I should try plastic-free diapers (Honest ones, maybe?), but I figured I’d start with the cream. Can’t hurt to try right? Plus, their diaper subscriptions are $80 a month and have you met me? I’m cheap, to put it mildly and we’re currently paying something like $25 a month for diapers.

To make things even better, the balm is not just for diaper rash. It can be used all over the body, which is awesome since he has issues with eczema in the winter (it’s mild, so not so much an issue in the summer) and all-over heat rash when we’re outside a lot.

I signed up for a free trial of the ‘Essentials Bundle’ at Honest.com, which included the healing balm and four other items. After receiving my free trial (which rocked), I placed a full-size Essentials Bundle order: 5 items for $35.95, which means they’re only $7.19 each. It looked reeeeal good next to that diaper price.

But did it work?

Hells to the yes. This cream is amazing and I’m only annoyed I can’t order five tubes of it as bundle. (High-dollar items can only be included in each bundle once. The healing balm is normally $12.95.) They might even talk me into buying diapers yet. I did throw in travel packs of wipes on my last order and they’re pretty fabulous.

Also fabulous is the sunscreen: by now you’ve caught on his skin is rather picky and this stuff has been perfect. It goes on easily, works well, and his skin can tolerate days on end of application and reapplication.

Other products I’ve tried and loved include the laundry detergent (it splits time in my washer with my old fave, Charlie’s), fruit + veggie wash, and the bubble bath, which is great for…you guessed it…sensitive skin.

If you use my referral link you can get $10 off your first order (new customers only). They also have free trials, as I mentioned – not only of essentials, but diapers and health & wellness as well.