July 2013 Goodies Taster’s Box Review

The Goodies Company is owned by Wal-Mart and is a subscription service that costs $7 a month. Each month you receive a box of 5-10 samples of new/interesting snacks (available at Wal-Mart, natch). I’ve been a subscriber for five months. May’s box is reviewed here and June’s here. This review is not sponsored.


Last month I my two complaints were:

1. The monthly cost is billed to subscribers between the 1st and 5th of each month and my box didn’t arrive until the 27th. I like to have more time to evaluate the current month’s box and decide if I want to cancel before being charged for the next month.

2. The padding to box size ratio isn’t sufficient to protect the goodies, so they often get smashed in transit, especially when the snacks for the month are smaller.

This month:

1. My box arrived nine days sooner, on the 18th.

2. The snacks were on the smaller size and, to compensate, they used a smaller box. (Yay!) Plus, there was a separator to keep the heavy drink from smashing the chips, etc on the other side. They seem to have worried people would be mad about receiving a smaller box, hence this spin on it:


So! I was pretty happy from the get go. It’s like they read my review or something.

get link Date of Arrival: July 18th, 2013

enter site Packaging: Excellent. 


Brown crinkle shreds like usual, not too much dead space, separator used to keep fruit water from crushing the other snacks.

http://www.blog.friskbrisrc.com/help-i-cant-start-my-essay/ Contents:


Glaceau Fruit Water in Black Raspberry: I’ve never been into the vitamin water/fruit water thing, so meh. I tried a little and it was super sweet, if you’re into that. I didn’t like it.

Claims: Contains vitamins B5 & B6, magnesium, zinc, and green tea extract (plus artificial sweetener and color).

I gave the bottle another once-over to make sure it didn’t say “naturally gluten-free,” as I assume it is, since every other product shouted it from the rooftops. (Nope.)

http://www.alconi.ro/?help-to-write-a-research-paper Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers: I’m also not a big fan of jellybeans, but these were good. Their claim that the cherry flavor is better and stronger because they use real cherry juice seems to be true. They actually tasted like cherry juice as opposed to plain sugar and I…well, ate the whole bag in one sitting because I couldn’t stop, six different artificial colorings be damned.

Claims: Made with real cherry juice. Peanut, tree nut, diary, egg, gluten, trans fat, gelatin, and soy free.

follow site The Better Chip – Fresh Corn & Sea Salt Chips: Oh my yum. Mexican restaurant quality (or better). I could eat these all day. They’re on the grocery list.

Claims: Made from fresh sweet corn, no GMOs, naturally gluten free. Also, made in a completely nut-free environment.

Scholarship Essay For Medical Field Cosmos Creations Oven-Baked Corn with Caramel: I wasn’t sure what oven-baked corn was, but it’s basically popcorn without the kernel. So this was caramel corn and WOW was it good. I don’t normally like caramel corn, but I wanted more of this.

Claims: Non-GMO corn, gluten free, no trans fat.

Crunchmaster Multi-seed Crackers: You’ve had seed-containing crackers like this before, right? They tasted exactly like they look. Nothing special, although I had no idea they were gluten free until I was trying to figure out why they were in the box. The taste is very cracker-y.

Claims: 100% whole grain, cholesterol free, and “certified gluten-free by the gluten-free certification organization (GFCO).”


July 2013 Value

Ouch. Not a great value for $7. The portions were definitely small this month. Especially the crackers (worth 33 cents). There were about four crackers in the bag. I enjoy being able to sample several different things, especially since I’d never have bought full size bags just to try, but I’d appreciate them stepping it up a little in the value department.

Overall impression of box/service: 

They seem to be fixing their packaging issues, which I appreciate. Arrival date has been all over the board in the five months I’ve been a subscriber, so I’ll wait to see if it continues to be earlier in the month or skips around more. There’s usually a good variety of items – drink, candy, chips, wild card (like the baked corn) – so they keep it interesting. I’m always excited when this box shows up.

Also, I just earned a free month for posting reviews of products, so that’s awesome. Each review is worth 7 points (8 if you post a picture) and 300 points earns you a free box.