7 Quick Takes: New TV, No Meal Planning, Bible school

1. My de facto “new (or not so new) show” has become Friends. I started Weeds, since I loved Mary Louise Parker on The West Wing and I like it (I think). I’ve watched the entire first season and want to continue, but by the time 10:00 hits each night all I want to do is dive into the ice cream and Friends.

http://growtrees.org/production-company-business-plan/ 2. I also started the Korean drama Kelly recommended and, although I’ve only seen one episode, I kinda liked that one, too. I just have a hard time looking up from my Candy Crush game long enough to read subtitles, so I keep getting lost. Anything involving a brain is kind of on hold right now. Perhaps when fall comes?

follow url 3. Last week was “clean out the cupboards” week at our house, meal-wise. (Hence the chicken & dumplings recipe on Monday instead of dinner recaps.) It went fine and I’m enjoying my emptier cupboards, but by day three I had to scrap the plan to use up all the boxed meals and random mixes around because we felt like crap. Ugh.

4. This week has also been devoid of meal planning. We hosted a barbecue Sunday night and Thomas smoked pork and chicken. He figured while he was going through the whole thing he might as well make as much meat as possible, so not only does our freezer contain a ton a smoked pork, we’ve eaten smoked chicken four nights in a row. Which is pretty awesome. All I’ve done is cut up veggies for chicken tacos or boil noodles for chicken spaghetti or throw together chicken enchiladas – all of which tasted different enough it didn’t seem like we were eating the same thing over and over.

5. Margaret has attended 3 weeks of Bible school this year, at three different churches. She loooooves Bible school and anything classroom related. She’s on the waiting list for preschool in the fall and I really hope she gets in. She didn’t attend 3-year-old preschool (because I was still working) so it’s difficult to get into four-year-old.

6. Paul doesn’t know what to do with himself on mornings Margaret is gone. He wanders around wondering when someone is going to tell him what to do. We went to a play area yesterday morning with a friend of mine who also has boy his age and a girl at Bible school. Both boys were at a loss without their outgoing (bossy) sisters.

http://sg.nasze-swiadczenia.pl/?how-to-write-a-literature-review-for-a-masters-dissertation 7. Some of the things she’s learning are…interesting:

“Mom, at Bible school we learned about the shepherd and the lost sheep! When he first found his sheep, he thought it was a ghost. A ghost is white and has eyes. Clifford the Big Red Dog was a ghost for Halloween. The shepherd was glad his sheep was real and not a ghost.”

(The Clifford thing is from a book we own in which he is, in fact, a ghost for Halloween. The rest is from Bible school.)




  1. aww, that’s so cute that your son looks for his big sissy!! my daughter and i are going to start mommy and me classes next month and i’m sad that i can’t take my son but i also think it’s good bonding time for my big girl :/

  2. Fun fun! Found you via 7QT and enjoyed reading your takes! I’ve been “cleaning out the cupboard” that way all summer… 😛

  3. What kind of smoker do you have? My husband has been looking for one. I considered taking the girls to extra VBS too this summer, but our church does 9-11:30am VBS and a lot of the others do night time ones, like 5-8pm…which seems weird. I kind of want them around at night, it’s during the day when I’m trying to work I’d rather they leave 🙂 So we haven’t done any others.

    • Jessica says:

      There were TONS of night VBS’s and we didn’t want to do those, either. I managed to find three who had morning sessions. Our church doesn’t have VBS, so there are always plenty of people from our church at any of the other ones we might pick!

      Thomas has a Weber Smokey Mountain I got him a few years ago when I wanted to win a wife of the year award:) He had a cheaper smoker and really wanted it.

  4. I’ve had to start forcing myself to leave my phone upstairs when I watch Big Brother with the husband, because otherwise I get sucked into Candy Crush and lose track of what’s going on. It’s an illness.

  5. I gave up Candy Crush but I just started playing Ruzzle so I’m equally lost. I bought veggies and fruit for the week but I’m also trying to use up my cupboards. I have 10 boxes of half-used pasta, etc. Last week I made some sort of leftover concoction that was the end of a briefcase chicken, whole wheat egg noodles, cream sauce (cream cheese, garlic, last of the gorgonzola and milk), canned tomatoes, canned mushrooms and leftover spinach. It was pretty good!

  6. I have to register Hayley for her pre-K class this Thursday. Registration begins at 8a.m. and is in-person only. I was talking to her teachers (we don’t get preference for being in the system already…) and one of them suggested I get there by at least 6a.m. to make sure she gets the class. So. That’s what I’m dealing with this week.