Keeping your pre-schooler busy

Erica’s post about crafts really inspired me and I’ve been setting Margaret up with something to do every day at Paul’s nap time. I show her a picture of the craft, hand over the materials, maybe give a few tips and she pretty much does it on her own. (Which equals downtime for me. Awesome!)

Are they the most beautiful, perfectly executed crafts ever? Uh, no. But is she really proud of what she can do? YES. She loves that I entrust her with scissors and glue and tape.

The other day I had an egg carton sitting around so I Google Image searched for egg carton crafts and let Margaret choose which one she wanted to do. She picked this computer and it occupied her for hours.


Type, type, typin’


Look mom! I’m watching a show on my computer!

She thought about everything it needed, too, and added buttons (stickers) on the side to be the power button and headphone jack. I worried what might happen when Paul woke up (“Jealous Brother Stomps All Over Sister’s Computer”) so I had her make him one, too. He, of course, promptly ripped it into a couple dozen pieces, but it kept him occupied for 20 minutes and I was sure glad he wasn’t ripping hers to pieces.

She’s been thinking up her own ideas now that we’ve got the craft ball rolling and the other day, after 20 minutes with the notebook paper, scissors, and a glue stick, emerged from her room carrying her new purse.


Complete with sunglasses tucked inside.

This week she made a boat out of a stray cardboard box and a rocket ship out of another. I’m not sure anyone would know what they were without an explanation, but she’s quite attached to them. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


  1. I love the computer and the purse!