Seven things I’m loving

source Trader Joe’s S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

here I don’t even like marshmallows (and, by extension, most s’mores) but marshmallow gelato? YES.

Custom Writing Zone Italian Sodas

I started adding Torani syrup to my La Croix water, because it tastes like nothing. I’m mystified as to why everyone loves it so much. I was calling them Italian sodas, but discovered you’re supposed to also add a dash of cream and that took it over the top. So good. I used up the La Croix and switched to Club Soda. They’re especially good with gingerbread syrup (left over from Christmas), as it tastes like root beer.

Envirosax Reusable Bags

follow site I’ve had mine for over a year (ever since A’Dell recommended them on Style Lush) and I still get complimented on them at least once a week – usually by store clerks admiring how they’re both pretty and strong as they bag my stuff. Yesterday the clerk at the grocery store said they’re the best reusable bags she sees, both in terms of sturdiness and ease of packing (aka, they roll up small so they’re easy to bring with you). I keep two or three in my purse, so any time I stop to buy something I have one with me.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

I got this in a Birchbox a while ago and have used it before. I even posted this photo on Twitter:

dry shampoo - grey

Each time I’d used it had been in a last-minute. What you’re really supposed to do with dry shampoo is put it in at night and let it work into your hair as you sleep (and rub your head against the pillow). With powder brands, though, it doesn’t make a huge difference. You definitely get a better result for less work if you do it the night before, but if you need to do it last minute you can make it work. This aerosol stuff not so much. I thought it just wasn’t the greatest product, but I tried it again one night…and woke up the next morning with amazing hair. Like: just took a shower, then blowdried, then straightened, hair. It even had volume! Not tons of volume, just normal “I styled my hair today” volume instead of “I’ve slept on this hair…twice” flatness. But all I’d done is roll out of bed. It’s awesome. I’m going to try the non-aerosol bottle when my sample runs out.

White Collar

I’ve watched all four seasons in the last two weeks. Clearly I haven’t been doing much else.

Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray

We’ve reached the hot and sweaty part of summer and I’ve been spraying this all over stinky feet and shoes. It’s wonderfully helpful. Elizabeth, I think, recommended it last year (also on Style Lush) and I one-clicked it immediately. I haven’t regretted it.

How to Dance to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky

Someone linked to this on Facebook last night and I’m still giggling. The song isn’t entirely appropriate for my kids, but they loooove the dancing so I’ve let them watch it a couple times anyway. It’s not like they know what ‘get lucky’ means.

(I’m having trouble getting the video to embed, so if you can’t see it, the title link will take you to YouTube.)


  1. I’m not sure there’s anything better on this entire Earth than a Soul Train line.

  2. That video is awesome.

  3. First, I immediately shared that video on Facebook, because OH. MY. YES. Those people are up all night to get lucky. Second, I was not excited about reusable grocery bags of any kind (I always forget them in my car), but then I saw the vintage Pepsi prints. Now I must have them!