Blathering 2013 vlog

go to link I just love how webcams really heighten my double chin, don’t you? But I recorded the Blathering vlog for y’all anyway. My living room is super dark, so I apologize for the quality.

source link

Oh, and I just realized this will end up being my official blog announcement of pregnancy! Oops. I have a whole post ready to go later this week pending the acquisition and uploading of a sonogram, so, uh, act surprised?

source url If you’re interested, this is the “geological site” I was referring to: Grotto of the Redemption. I’m not sure how geological it is, but they do have a tab on the website called “geology“… and, apparently, while they do feature geodes, they also feature many other kinds of rocks, minerals, and precious & semi-precious stones. There is a Stations of the Cross grotto, but that’s just one of the nine. (I really want to go back now!) (Oh, and Miriel, if you’re reading this is totally sounds right up your alley AND it’s within driving distance of Rochester!) (You’ll have to forgive me if this is well-known to Catholics and you already knew all about it:))


VLOG questions were:

1. First things first:

Thesis For History Paper Name

Age (if you’re up for it.)

Where you’re from (if you’re not nervous to be stalked.)

Kids, names, ages

2. Is this your first Blathering?

3. Who are your roommates?

4. What was the theme to your senior prom?

5. What celebrity would you drop trou for, any time, anywhere?

6. Team Ben or Team Noel?

7. Is there too much sex on True Blood or not enough?

8. Do you have any mortal enemies?

9. Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?

10. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

11. If you went to prison as a character from Orange Is the New Black, who would you be?

12. What’s your favorite geological site/topic/area of interest?

13. Have you ever been arrested?

14. Have you ever been nude in public?

15. You’re seeing Batman vs. Superman, in costume. Who do you dress up as?

16. True or False:  I would attend Comic Con.

17. Does Justin Bieber’s greasy teenage mustache kind of turn you on?

18. We’re going to Carolina, I think. One of them, anyway.  There  are two , right? Best Carolina themed song?

19. Show you’re most excited about returning to Prime Time TV?

20. Are you nervous about the Blathering? If you’re not, maybe say something reassuring to the first timers out there?


  1. OOH I didn’t know there was a vlog, yay! I will do this when I am at home (and that’s when I’ll actually be able to watch yours). And I am SO HAPPY for you guys – yay #3!!! Congrats, roomie!

  2. Whoa congratulations!!

  3. Congrats!!! So exciting!

  4. You are too cute. Your morning sickness makes me nervous too but I’m gonna suck it up and be happy to see you!!!

  5. It is IMPOSSIBLE to look good in a webcam.