Charleston: What to do

I didn’t exactly take perfect pictures (or sometimes any at all) at each place I went in preparation for this post, but I’d like to remember the fun times and amazing meals so I’m going to see if I can recall everything…

We stayed at the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina. The room I shared with Laura and April was lovely:


Unfortunately, other people in our group weren’t always as lucky. Our room had a dedicated thermostat connected to excellent air conditioning, plenty of outlets (and a power strip!), and a tub with a jacuzzi. There was even a mini fridge, which I didn’t discover until we were packing to leave. (Oops!) Some people, though, seemed to be in un-updated rooms with air conditioning that didn’t work well and only one outlet for the whole room. They had to trade off charging their phones! Most people seemed to have a good experience, so if you get stuck in a room that’s not quite up to par asking for a new one might solve the problem.

Old Charleston Walking Tour

This ghost tour was…not scary. I was a little worried about my nerves prior to the tour, but the stories weren’t creepy-crawly ghost stories and we were always in well-lighted areas. We didn’t even walk through cemeteries, as they’re closed at night, so we just peeked through the iron bars. It was interesting to hear history of the city you wouldn’t necessarily get on most tours, like about the Old Charleston Jail (which we didn’t actually walk by, just heard about) and the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon (which we did sit in front of), but I was hoping for a little excitement.

My favorite story was about Bloody Alley, which was apparently THE place to go if you challenged someone to a duel. Did you know pistols (and, often, the shooters themselves) were so inaccurate back then that only 20% of duels ended in someone being hit?

Charleston City Market


The market is pretty much a given. If you walk around historic Charleston for any length of time you’re going to run into it, and it’s on pretty much everyone’s list anyway. I enjoyed walking through, but didn’t buy anything.

Old South Carriage Tours


I loved this carriage tour. It was the perfect way to cover a lot of ground relatively quickly. There are several different carriage routes and a city official randomly assigns what route each one will take after you’re all loaded and ready to go. We apparently got lucky and ended up with the route that covers the most popular areas – including rainbow row, battery park, and the waterfront area. I enjoyed hearing more in-depth information than we got just walking around those areas, but…we did walk around those areas many times and I kind of wish we’d gotten to see a more out-of-the-way route. (Apparently I’m never happy with what I get.)

Charleston Water Taxi

The organizers booked a private charter on the Charleston Water Taxi for Friday night. We cruised around the harbor after dark for about an hour with cupcakes and drinks. I was glad to not be sitting up front when we hit some big waves and everyone got soaked.


Bowling at The Alley

The food was really good, the drinks were cheap, and the bowling was fun. There’s a sports bar-type area on the other half of the building which looked like it would be fun, too.



Social Wine Bar

The pizza here (specifically the mushroom and goat cheese pizza) was amazing. And very reasonably priced!

Their cocktails are pre-mixed, including alcohol, so they had a heck of a time coming up with any sort of mock-tail a pregnant lady could drink. The waitress finally brought me something 20 minutes after everyone else got their drinks and I worried a little about what they found after searching that long. Unidentifiable substances at the back of the fridge? (I’m sure not.) It was good, though, and she told me it was on the house. I felt bad they’d gone to so much trouble when I should have just ordered a diet coke! (I left a huge tip.)

Eli’s Table


I had the spinach artichoke benedict, which was fine, but added pancakes on the side (the baby was hungry) and they were AMAZING. I want more of those pancakes.

The Vendue Inn


Here I finally tried shrimp and grits and it was so, so good. Several people had the proileau, which was homemade biscuits, poached eggs, potatoes, bacon, and sausage gravy all mixed up together and it looked fabulous. I’m not sure why I can’t order everything off the menu at every restaurant. Stupid stomach.

Lowcountry Bistro


This was my very favorite restaurant and I’m so glad we wandered in on our last day in Charleston. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant with everything (besides alcohol and soda) sourced within 30 miles. I had the best crab cake I’ve ever had, but I really should have tried their shrimp and grits, too.

King of Pops


The Blathering rented out a King of Pops cart one afternoon, so we all had to have at least three popsicles. (It was rough.) I had the fresh peach, iced coffee, and raspberry lime. Immediately afterward, we went on the carriage tour and there happens to be a King of Pops cart right next to Old Carriage Tours. I almost bought another popsicle. I want one right now.


  1. I got NO PICTURES of the room or the water taxi or Eli’s Table, so you definitely did better than me. Loved having another chance to room with you…I think we definitely improved on our first experience, no? I particularly enjoyed chatting with you at that bar after the walking tour.

  2. I got NO PICTURES of the room or the water taxi or Eli’s Table, so you definitely did better than me. Loved having another chance to room with you…I think we definitely improved on our first experience, no? I particularly enjoyed chatting with you at that bar after the walking tour. It’s always so nice to catch up!

  3. What a gorgeous recap. Jealous.