The best ages

I’ve decided two is my favorite age. At two, kids turn into real little people whom you can have conversations with, yet who still call themselves “mama’s baby boy” and ask to be rocked. They can climb into their own car seats and (in their own minds, at least) do everything their four-year-old sisters can.

It’s way better than one, when they’re constantly raging about what they desperately want to do yet can’t or mad because they can’t communicate their demands. And zero…I love the baby stage, but the sleep deprivation does get to you eventually.

Four is pretty fabulous, too, though. She’s so interested in learning and my heart about swells out of my chest when I see how excited she gets about worksheets. (Mama’s girl!) She’s a major firstborn bossypants (not that I have any idea what that’s like) (okay, fine, I was a bossypants, too).

She’s also at an age where everything is exciting. Dance class? OH MY GOODNESS, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS, IT’S THE BEST THING EVER. Everything else we do? SAME. It’s pretty gratifying to have someone get so excited about any outing you plan, no matter how small. And if you buy her a new book? She declares it’s JUST want she’s wanted her ENTIRE life and she can’t believe you’ve given it to her.

Four and two go together well, too. Half the time they’re fighting like cats and dogs, but I think they actually enjoy the fighting. It’s like a sport. They certainly think I’m overreacting when I try to break it up.

When they’re not yelling (usually Margaret) or tackling (always Paul) it’s adorable how much fun they have playing. I was wondering today where baby #3 will fit in. Will he or she be close to Paul while Margaret is at school? By the time the baby is two, though, even Paul will be in school. (I’m going to be at home alone with a two-year-old. Oh no! Two-year-olds need playmates!) (And if you’re thinking baby #4, I’m thinking no.)

I can’t imagine an age difference of 33 months instead of 25 is going to end up being that big of a difference, but right now it seems like baby #3 is so far behind he or she will never catch up. I mean, he’s* going to be stuck on the inside for something like 26 more weeks! Quite the handicap.

Margaret and Paul are a set. A good one. In a way I kind of feel can’t be improved on so the only way to go from here is down. Either by them growing apart as they get older or 3 kids turning into a someone-is-always-left-out scenario. It’s scary to contemplate what might change. But for now I suppose I’ll just enjoy it.

*I got tired of saying he or she. Obviously, at 14 weeks we have no idea which.


  1. My oldest is sooooo very much a bossypants too. I didn’t realize it was a firstborn thing. I was the firstborn but I don’t remember being super bossy. My girls are almost 5 years apart and they get a long most of the time…so I wouldn’t worry too much about #3 catching up. Of course, I do not have a #3..nor will I. 🙂

  2. I was missing two yesterday. Two was so much less complicated than three is turning out to be. Wake me when the meltdowns are over, okay?

  3. The problem with two is that it is so quickly followed by three. Three is not my year. 🙁