52 Date Nights, Week 31: Have an Outdoor Picnic

We haven’t done a lot of date nights this summer (um, yeah, I started writing this in August), but we have tried to get to the ones we can’t do any other time of year – like go for a swim or climb on the roof. Next up: picnic in the backyard.

Week 31

We had:

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (in a glass bowl that didn’t photograph well)
White Bean Salad
Fancy PB&Js for the kids
Apple slices
Grapefruit juice
and chocolate chip cookies.

The thing is, I decided at noon on a Friday that I needed a project, then planned the menu, took the kids to the grocery store, came home and cooked everything (including the cookies!), hauled it all outside for a photo shoot, took it back in to put in the fridge and…really wasn’t in the mood for a picnic at that point. I was tired. And hot. And not so hungry after sampling everything along the way;)

Once we got through getting it all back outside and re-set up, though, it was relaxing and fun and just…nice to do something different, you know? The kids spilled a lot of food on the ground and we didn’t have to clean it up. They could swing when they lost interest, which was pretty quick. Thomas and I actually got to talk a little! I finally used that picnic tablecloth that came with a wedding present six years ago! And my pretty picnic basket previously only used to carry potluck dishes or presents to other peoples’ houses on holidays!


  1. Oh this looks fun! We haven’t done this, but last Friday we had wine and cheese and fun tapas that I made, in our pjs on the couch while the kids watched a movie. It was like a date-within-a-family-night.

  2. Cute! We would be covered in bugs. Sigh.

  3. We would be sitting in dog poo. Big sigh.