What We Ate: Lemon Icebox Cake

I’ve always been curious about icebox pie (and cake – there’s icebox cake, too, right?) and when I came across this recipe in June’s Redbook, I tried it within days. It’s intensely lemony, refreshingly chilly, and pretty easy to make. I consider it the grown-up version of a sugary popsicle. It still contains a breathtaking amount of sugar (steer clear of the nutritional information on that sweetened condensed milk), but that’s to be expected when the recipe also calls for a cup of lemon juice, right?

I used a storebought graham cracker crust. The original recipe called for making your own, but I didn’t see the need. Mine usually fall apart, anyway:) It probably would taste a little better, but I granted myself a shortcut.

Lemon Icebox Pie

Yummy, but hard to photograph. (The professional picture accompanying the recipe seemed really fake to me. Lots of photoshop?)

Health food this is not, but a small piece is sufficient. I usually cut it into 12th’s.¬†Normally I’m a ‘no slice is too big’ kind of girl when it comes to pie, but this is a solid, rich pie and 1/8 of the pan (my usual pie default) really was too big of a slice.


  1. Hmmm… That does look yummy…