Week 18! (is over)

I felt the first kick this week:

Fullscreen capture 11232013 102355 PM.bmp

Since then I’ve felt all sorts of movement. If I drink some water and lie down I’m almost guaranteed to get a few kicks. Also, this baby is apparently not a fan of being squashed, because if I bend at the waist, like to put on pants or socks, I get a strong (dare I say angry?) response.

Last week I mentioned somewhere, maybe not here, (Twitter?) that I theorized the baby was going through quite a growth spurt because I was terribly sore. I’d wake up each morning feeling like I’d done 100 sit-ups the night before. Or at least what I assume it would feel like to have done 100 sit-ups, because, well, I wouldn’t know. This week I popped in a major way and have got a serious belly going on. If I wear maternity clothes I look noticeably pregnant. (I keep trying to get a picture, but the mirror/lighting situation in this house isn’t the greatest.)

I’m still wearing pre-pregnancy jeans, which I will confess were my ‘fat pants’ immediately prior to pregnancy because I’d gone down a size, but they were my regular pants only a few months before. I’ve bought maternity leggings, though, and they’re about the most comfortable thing EVER. I’m currently hunting for more dresses/tunics that will accommodate a belly so I never have to wear pants again.


  1. Maternity clothes! I loved them until I hated them.

  2. Maternity leggings ARE THE BEST. I remember thinking, “How much more comfy could they be than regular leggings?” OH HO HO HO! How about a MILLION times more comfy.