Advent, Day 1: DIY pipe cleaner & beads advent calendar

Day 1 ended up being sort of a cheater day. I teach Sunday school the first Sunday of the month and totally just had my kids do the same activity planned (by someone else) for the kids in my class. I thought it was a really neat idea, though, and pretty easy to put together.

My googling skills might be lacking, but I couldn’t really find anything like it online. The closest I found was to say it’s a DIY version of this (no longer available for purchase, it seems).

You start by gluing a paper cup to a paper plate (Christmassy colors if you have them!)


Glue or tape a pipe cleaner to the plate and gather 24 pony beads plus a star. In this case, the star is a bead, but you could make it out of paper as well. String the star on the pipe cleaner, then follow with the beads.


When all 24 beads are on the pipe cleaner, tape or glue the other end to the plate. (I’d recommend having both ‘tails’ of the pipe cleaner pointing toward the outside of the plate. So, in this case, the one on the star end should be turned around.)


Each day during advent you (well, your child) will move one bead to the other side…


…until Christmas Day when the star is at the top.