Ready to Go! {Advent Calendar}


I’ve always wanted to do advent activities with the kids, but when you sometimes travel for work and sometimes work 14-hour days even when in town it’s hard to figure out how you’d do something at home 24 days in a row. I could have tried, but…I was tired. So tired. This year is my first December as a SAHM and I’m going for it.

The advent calendar I made is one from Leah’s list of 24 DIY Advent Calendars (#15 – instructions here). There were times I thought I’d never finish, especially when I had to make a special trip to Wal-Mart for a glue gun (I didn’t have one!), but I’m really happy with it. I don’t think I’m going to let the kids punch out the days, because I made it and its PRETTY. I left the back open so I wouldn’t have to commit to a pre-planned activity for each day and could instead slip a piece of paper into the appropriate slot the night before. They can reach through the back to get the slips out, too.

I have a big list of activities, probably 30-35 of them. Some are connected to specific days; most aren’t. Thomas is going to China for 10 days this month (yikes!) and I just don’t know what I’ll feel like doing. Something quick and easy? Something involved that will eat up a chunk of our day and make the time pass more quickly? We’ll see!


  1. Lone wolf for 10 days. Ugh. Good. Luck.

  2. Effing China.