Advent, Day 2: Make indoor snow


I knew this one was a gamble. It seems the woman who wrote the instructions for DIY indoor snowmen has one calm-ish little girl. Once you get two children (at least my two children) involved in something like this they start competing to see who can get the most outrageous. Also, mixing this stuff together is way messier – and harder! – than it looks. Have you ever sunk your hands into a pile of shaving cream, then tried to rub it into cornstarch? It works exactly as well as it sounds.

Within seconds their clothes were covered in shaving cream and there were clouds of cornstarch rolling through the air. I futilely tried to contain the mess, then gave up and threw everything, children included, out on the deck. It’s a good thing we did this on a warm-ish day. (Warm-ish being relative, since it was 41 degrees. But after temps in the teens last week it felt quite balmy!) They weren’t exactly dressed for the weather, but, as you can see, the snow didn’t stay in the bin very long.

Indoor/outdoor snow

You can see when I told them to try and make snowmen, they decided the best course of action would be to turn the pumpkins into snowmen. An excellent way to repurpose your Halloween decor.

As they ran screaming around the yard, throwing handfuls at each other, Margaret told me this was the “funnest activity EVER,” so I guess all’s well that ends well. They needed baths anyway.


The scene of the crime.


P.S. I got the idea for this one from Jen’s Giant Advent Activities List


  1. Those pumpkins probably feel a bit violated.

  2. Yep, I think that’s just how it would turn out at my house, too.

  3. When did your kids get so biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig?!!! Looks like a fun activity, I might do this despite the mess.