Advent, Day 3: Go to a class at the zoo

This wasn’t Christmas-related, but I thought the kids would really enjoy a Zoo Tots class. It was kind of a splurge, too, so not something we do all the time. (Only $10 per kid, but still, I’m not going to drop $20 a week when we’ve already paid for a zoo membership.)

It was a nice class, though, and they LOVED it. The one we went to was about crocodiles and alligators. There a coloring sheet detailing the differences between the two, a story, a song, a craft, and a snack (spread hummus, aka swamp water, on a pita, then add fish – goldfish crackers – and crocodiles – matchstick cucumbers). Plus they got to meet a baby alligator and feel his tail!

Zoo Tots

(I just noticed Paul is wearing the same shirt as the day before. That’s because after a half hour of wear, it was smeared with pretend snow and went straight into the wash!)


  1. Viva daily washing and repeated outfits!

  2. Um, that looks really fun.