Advent, Day 4: Go see Santa!

here First we chilled with a reindeer and talked about what a Santa visit is like so everyone was prepared.


Present An Argument Santa has been a big topic in our house this week and I’m learning he isn’t something you can half-ass, like I’d intended. I didn’t want to pick a side in the Santa vs. no-Santa debates. We’ve never marked any presents as from Santa, but we do read books he’s in, and last year we took a picture with Santa at the mall. (Though they don’t remember it.)

click here The books are of the Clifford’s Christmas variety, where I figured it’s kind of obvious a house-sized Big Red Dog is fictional and, it would follow, Santa might be, too.

I admit, taking them to actually SEE Santa makes him seem more real (and we made the call to be pro-Santa before scheduling this year’s visit), but, in my defense, meeting “Clifford” did nothing of the sort.

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(Fun fact! They’ve met Clifford more times than they’ve met Santa, since he hangs out in the public television booth at the state fair every year.)

source url In the end, we figured both Thomas and I grew up with Santa and neither of us feel it was a big deal. It’s something that can be a big deal when you’re a kid, but slowly fades away and not in a bad way. We enjoyed it (and still do!), well past the point when we believed, but it’s not as if the not believing harmed us. Our gradual realization he wasn’t real didn’t at all make us mad about being lied to or question the veracity of other things, like the birth of Jesus.

We are still taking sort of a middle route, where good or bad behavior has no bearing on whether Santa comes. Santa will bring stockings (as he always did in my house and at my grandma’s…and still does, just now at what the kids would call Grandma’s and Great-Grandma’s), but no larger presents. I’m kind of excited, actually. Santa! Magic! A repeat of my own childhood!



  1. So cute! We are pro-Santa, too. I purposely explain to the kids once in a while that Santa brings presents for kids because he loves Jesus so much and wants His birthday to be a great big party for everyone. I guess that’s my “middle road.” I totally admit to using the “Santa is watching” threat, though. 😉