Advent, Day 5: Make Cookies

Roll-out cookies make me want to tear my hair out, so…we didn’t make those. I looked around for an easier recipe, saw I’d bookmarked these Melt Aways from Elsha a while ago, and OMG. I love these cookies so much and have never made them myself. Plus, there’s only four ingredients! Perfect for kids.

get link IMG_1184

see A stick of butter each is a great start to anything. custom writings paper 12 - December1

Even the two-year-old rolled them into balls by himself! (I doled out the dough.)



here (The frosting totally makes these cookies, but I planned this at the last minute and didn’t have cream cheese. They didn’t seem to mind.)


  1. Ooh, those look so easy! We’re doing advent cookies on Sunday. Might have to try these…

  2. You can’t go wrong with anything that starts with a stick of butter.

  3. I love butter.