Advent: Days 6, 7 & 8

Day 6: Go to the library for Christmas books

go I requested a bunch of the books from Janssen’s Christmas book countdown and thought it would be an exciting activity. They could play with the train table at the library! There’d be a big stack of wonderful books waiting! And then…it looked like there were a lot of books ready to pick up, but nearly all of them were mine. There were only two Christmas books. The kids were underwhelmed, but all they really wanted was to play with the train table, and the lego table, and the puppets and puzzles, anyway. (We have an awesome library.) Kind of a bust, but they didn’t so much care. enter site Day 7: Christmas Basket Bash

click here The Basket Bash is our annual women’s Christmas tea at church. I realized too late it only involved Margaret (oops), but Paul was as excited about a morning with daddy as Margaret was to go with mommy and Grandma, so we called it good. I was volunteering at one of the basket-filling stations, so Margaret wrapped Grandma around her finger and got to buy more things than mommy would have sprung for:)


There were also enormous gourmet cupcakes in the actual tea portion (after shopping) so I think it was pretty much her ideal morning.

Day 8: No Room at the Inn

I almost scrapped this one. Another church in the area sets up over 400 nativity sets each year and while it sounded great, I was worried about taking a two-year-old who already has the nickname bull-in-a-china-shop into what would practically amount to an actual china shop.

We went anyway, and to my wonderful surprise, they had a whole kids’ room. There were nativity sets they could play with and even a craft, which is all Margaret wants out of advent activities. (craft, craft, craft) They were in heaven and I got to wander through a candlelit room with beautiful music playing and softly lit nativity scenes all my myself. This is definitely going to be an annual activity.

Nativity sets


  1. The nativity displays sound lovely… I can’t figure out where to put my *one* nativity at home, with our own “bull in the china shop.” 🙂

  2. Oh! A collection of various nativity scenes would be kind of NEAT!