Advent, Day 14: Get some culture whether they like it or not

follow We went to a holiday open house at the World Food Prize building. I’ve been wanting to see the inside for a long time and I’d also read about the Howard Buffet photography exhibit on world hunger. The photographs were much more than you’d think when you hear ‘hunger’ and included gorgeous landscapes of far-away countries and portraits of their people. The kids asked a lot of questions and I was able to explain a teeny bit of how 1. not everyone lives/looks like us and 2. resources we take for granted, like water, can take a lot of work to get for some people. I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked studying the photos, but I was glad to get to see them.

source url And an over-their-head exhibit wasn’t the entirety of the kids’ advent activity for the day:) There was an incredible choral ensemble performing at the open house as well and the kids had fun listening and dancing. There were also cookies, which never hurts.


  1. see We went to a local museum that does a Christmas display last week, but it’s still pretty much a museum. They made it fun for the kids (although adults could do it too) by having a scavenger hunt, and you wrote down where you saw a certain picture in all the displays. Then they served gingersnaps and cider outside and gave you museum postcards for getting them all! It was pretty fun.