Advent: Still chugging along

here Day 16: Jolly Holiday Lights This 3.5 mile light display is a Make-a-Wish fundraiser and one of my favorite holiday activities. No pictures, because I was driving:)

see url Day 17 was our snowball fight.

source Day 18: Open new Christmas books 

Because I read all of A’Dell’s old advent posts for ideas, my kids got the exact same books hers did last year (or the year before?) Elmo’s Merry Christmas for Paul and Fancy Nancy’s Splendiferous Christmas for Margaret. They were perfect for each of them and, bonus, since they were a few years old I got perfect-condition used copies for $4 each.

12 - December3

Day 19: 3D Christmas Tree Cards

This year the craft activities have turned out to be everyone’s favorite by far, so I am trying to find more of them. This printable popped up in my reader and I immediately prepared it for the next day. They’ll spend forever coloring their masterpieces, I thought! It will be perfect!

They took one swipe with a crayon each and declared themselves done. I had to beg them to color some ornaments. Finally, I carefully put the cards together…and they promptly ripped the trees back off. Eh. By that point I didn’t care and was happy to throw it all in the recycle bin and declare us done.


As long as I got a picture for proof, who cares if the cards are still intact?

Day 20: New Christmas stickers!

We’re driving to my in-law’s today for Christmas so a car activity was in order. I bought fancy, glittery stickers on after-Christmas clearance last year and they’ll appreciate them more today than in their stockings, anyway.

I make no promises about day 21, since shouldn’t “open presents from Grandma” be enough of an activity?