Someday I’ll post these timely!

I’m 25 weeks along now and I love this part of pregnancy. I want to stay here for a good long while. (Partly because I’m getting a wee bit…or a LOT…freaked out about three kids. Two already seems like so many!)

This is the stage that makes me feel like I could have ten babies – it’s amazing how fast amnesia about the horrors of the can’t-keep-anything-down first 20 weeks kicks in. Pregnancy is a breeze! I can eat normally, sleep well, and breaking out the body pillow pretty much fixed the sciatic issues I was having. I can still pick up the other kids and/or hold them in my lap. I look pregnant, but cutely so (if I do say so myself). The bump is definitely prominent – and kicking – but it hasn’t yet gotten large enough to really restrict my movements or get in the way. And those kicks? Nice and gentle. Not painful at all.

Honestly, I barely feel pregnant at all. Just normal. The other day Paul mentioned he had a baby in HIS tummy and it sounded about as plausible as me walking around saying there’s one in mine. I mean, who just casually asserts there’s another human hanging around inside of them? I don’t feel different.

(This is also how I felt the whole time I was sick – like I’d just happened to catch the worst four-month flu ever, not like I was growing a person.)

Margaret is starting to doubt me, too, because it seems this baby is never going to come OUT and what’s the fun in having a little sister you can’t even see?

I’m enjoying my little reprieve, though, between the sickness and the hugeness. Pregnancy can be nice.



I wrote this last week (I’m 26 weeks now!), then held it so the gender reveal wouldn’t be bumped from the top. Afterwards I skipped off to bed, declaring I didn’t NEED Unisom anymore. I just proclaimed myself cured of morning sickness! I’m just taking this silly little thing out of superstition! It’s time to cut the cord!

(Totally didn’t mean to make a birth analogy.)

I woke up the next morning decidedly off and the feeling intensified all day until, when the smell of dinner about made me throw up, I realized by body was saying HA. Cured, my a**. Take the pill.

So I resumed and things went back to ‘normal’. The good news is I had zero trouble sleeping without the Unisom. I always worry my body will get so accustomed to it I’ll forget how to sleep unmedicated, but no. Never been a problem. Is rebound nausea a thing, though?


  1. Man, I love Unisom.

  2. Ugh, Unisom, my frenemy. I had to take that stuff in the daytime just to remain upright… but then I always felt like I was going to fall headfirst into my keyboard at work. Glad you’re feeling good overall, though!