New Year Reflections

The things I write about have changed over the years I’ve had this blog and last year, when I had it the site redesigned, I picked the links along the top of the page rather hesitantly. I love writing about recipes I’ve tried now, I thought, but is that tab going to be obsolete in a year? I mean, I did “Should it Stay Monday” (about clothing) for almost half a year and then it just fizzled away. Part of it was, of course, that you can only take so many pictures of yourself in unflattering clothing before realizing that no. Nothing should stay. Nothing at all. If in doubt, throw it out.

But would I lose interest in dating (52 Stay-at-home Date Nights), cooking (What We Ate), and monthly reading updates in the same way? I tentatively thought not, because I felt I’d finally found the areas that answered the question of what do I most want to READ in a blog post and that made them easier to write. But who knows?

I’m not much of a ‘here’s what I did today/journal’ type of person. There are some people who can write about their mundane day in an interesting, relatable, and maybe even funny way. I’m not one of them. See: the first year (or more…) of cringe-worthy posts on this site. I mean, even though I still force myself to write Blathering recaps and such, just to have a record, I mostly think those posts suck. And that’s OK. It’s kind of sad I don’t have more of a baby book-type record of when my kids were tiny, but I’m just not good at that. Moreover, I just don’t like reading that stuff and I want to write something I myself would enjoy reading. If you post monthly updates about your kids, I think that’s great. I do. But I don’t read them. (I do look at the pictures, though!)

Practical stuff, though, like what to make for dinner or a great book I should check out? ALL OVER IT. As long as the post has some sort of recommendation (or un-recommend) component it’s right up my alley. I loved the first half of my Advent Activity posts, because they had actual activities I thought other people might want to try. Then we got down to the end and I just could not make “new stickers!” interesting to read (or write) about.

Now that we’re through the pregnancy nausea-induced haitus, and the December madness, I thought about what I want to post this year. I’m relieved to say I think dating, eating, and reading is still it. There will be pregnancy updates, too, and hopefully lots of baby pictures…even some ‘life with three’ posts I’ll of course try to make not just ‘here is how my day went’ but practical ‘this is what works/doesn’t work for us’ kind of stuff. (For my own sake! I know I don’t HAVE to.)


  1. I’m happy with whatever you post. I wish I could be happy with whatever I post. I wish I would just POST already! 🙂

  2. I liked the “Should It Stay” posts. 😉 But yes, you should post what you want to post. It’s your blog, after all! I post a lot of those updates on my kids, of course, but I cut and paste them in to their baby books/family albums later and am always grateful then… even if I’m the only one who reads them.