Who says you can’t have outdoor dates in January?

Since it reached the nearly tropical temperature of 45 degrees today, it seemed to be the perfect time to get out the hoses and spray some cold water. Gotta stay cool however you can. Also, the cars were filthy.


I considered putting on a bikini to demonstrate the outrageous warmth, but let’s just say you’re all lucky I’m nearly 7 months pregnant so that wasn’t happening. And, okay, fine: I wanted to wear a coat.

You can see below (in the background), the neighbors also had a truck in their front yard, because that’s just what people in the wealthiest city in America do. Let me know when y’all get on board.


As a bonus, the kids wore themselves out tearing up and down the driveway on their bikes while mom and dad date-night (er, afternoon)-ed it up. We had to mark the occasion of having a nearly snow-free driveway for a day. (More snow coming this evening! Blah.)