What We Ate: Simple Chicken and Rice, From Scratch Lasagna, Green Chile Pork Tacos

here Simple Chicken and Rice

http://www.kaziproject.eu/?best-professional-research-paper-writers I tried to hack my way around this one. I wanted to use brown rice, which it says not to do so you don’t overcook the chicken. To compensate, I used whole, frozen chicken breasts instead of thawed bite-sized pieces. It almost worked. The brown rice was a bit on the chewy side. I think I needed more liquid. It was really good, though, even with slightly underdone rice.

Then I tried it again, exactly as written, and we didn’t like it as much. The white rice got mushy and tasted oily from all the olive oil. The whole thing was kind of blah, with white rice and boring chicken. Even the onions couldn’t save it. This is definitely a basic recipe you’re going to want to build on. Add something.

From (sort of) Scratch Lasagna

source link I didn’t exactly start with a big bowl of tomatoes here, so it wasn’t from scratch in that respect, but I had the hardest time finding a lasagna recipe that didn’t call for store bought jars of sauce. Is that too much to ask? I’m sure many of you have great recipes and I really should have just ASKED, but I was in kind of a hurry. I found this and went with it.

http://www.hdwallpap.com/websites-that-can-write-essays-for-money/ It was DELICIOUS. It was kind of like making three dinners, mess and effort wise, but that’s lasagna, right? Definitely worth it.

Florida State University Admissions Essay Green Chile Pork Tacos

Super easy and soooooo good. We had the cilantro on the side instead of mixed in, because I’m the only one in my family who will eat it. Don’t worry, though, I ate everyone’s share. I know a lot of you detest cilantro, too, and that’s fine. More for me. To make a taco, I put on as much pork as I wanted, then added about an equal amount of cilantro because YUM YUM.


The tacos were part of Mexico night at our house, complete with Margaritas (virgin, sadly) and Mexican cookies. Plus hats, of course.


  1. I agree about both the worthiness of lasagna and the deliciousness of cilantro.

  2. Ha ha awesome hat.